95 4runner instrument cluster question

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Dec 17, 2007
hey guys am noobie here and enjoy browsing thru this forum. i have a 95 4runner with a 3L engine (2.8l diesel engine) the chassis code is LN135. i want to know if i buy an instrument cluster of a petrol 4runner..eg. sr5 will it work in my car? the sr5 cluster has oil pressure( or was that oil temp ? ) and volt meter which mine dosent. please do let me know...


Welcome to the board Phil!!!! :flipoff2: Hehehe Glad to have you!

Are you and your truck in Australia by chance? :) What gauges are on your current dash? My first thought is the petrol and diesel tachometers have different sources and may not be compatible... The oil pressure and temp gauges might be a direct swap, but that depends on the sending units. Your speedometer (If they followed the trend that we got in the US) will be a electronically operated, and you will need a similar dash (93-95).
hey thanks for the warm welcome:bounce2:

right now i have on my cluster a speedo, rpm meter, fuel and engine temp. thats all. and offcourse the warning lights at the bottom. the place where the sr5 cluster has the oil pressure and volt mere is blank.

what do you thin k
Welcome! :flipoff2:

The diesel tach is different than the gas tach, so you'd either have to swap the tachometer, or use a converter of some sort to make it work.

The oil pressure and the voltmeter are one wire deals--but if you don't have an oil pressure sender (it'll be on the right side of the engine, towards the back--looks like a hockey puck on the side of the engine) you'll need to add one. It should have a yellow wire, with brown stripes (maybe they were red stripes) if memory serves. What you have now is most likely just an oil pressure switch--it just indicates whether there is or is not pressure--not how much.

You can also take individual guages out of each cluster and put them in other clusters. For instance, I took the diesel tach out of the LN130 Surf cluster and put it into the gas cluster (so I have the gasoline oil pressure, voltmeter, water temp, and fuel gauge, with the diesel tach, and "gas" speedometer).

The speedometer just has to have the same connection on the back--basically if it's a cable speedo or an electric one.

So, yes, the guage cluster will work, but probably not without some work--installing an oil pressure sender and running the wiring for it through the firewall and along the dash.

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