83 ish pickup grill and headlight bezel swap to a 1st gen 4runner?

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Sep 1, 2009
Greenville, SC
I wish these trucks were common so I could measure in person so I'm asking the yota experts.

I've got a nice 87 4runner grill but I like the 82, 83 pick up grills with integrated side markers on the bezels better.

They look close to being match but before I blow 200 bucks on items that may not fit I wanted to ask.

I don't care if mounting bolts line up or not, I just want it to match the hood and fender lines.

Thanks ahead of time.
The headlight bezels are the issue. Hood and side markers don’t match up. Most folks mount the round lights and leave off the bezels. @SUMMIT CRUISERS I think put the round lights behind his square bezels.

I’d like to do it and cut the hood and fenders to make the first gen headlight bezels fit. I saw a picture of that somewhere and can’t find it again.
I would love the round headlights, all the best cruisers have round headlights. I'm sorry fj62 owners but at least you got 4.10 gears.

Thank you for the quick info. Just to confirm I understand you, the 83 grill will fit in place of my 87 grill, I just have to use my 87 bezels.

Grafting fenders/hood for fitment is beyond what I want to do.

I mostly want a grill I can bolt a TDI badge to.
Nothing saying you can't put LED park/turn bulbs in the corners as well to help clean up the look.


You can get non USA corner lights with parking and turn lamps for Gen1 4R. Ebay is you friend.
Thank you guys
You can get non USA corner lights with parking and turn lamps for Gen1 4R. Ebay is you friend.

Or you can modify them yourself and put LEDs in there in place of the large incandescents. Although I've not done it, it looks to be fairly easy. Corner lights are easy to come by, until the 2nd gen trucks achieve cult status like the 79-83s.

Roger Brown did this a while back, here's a link to his page: Combined Parking/Turn Signal Lights - http://www.4crawler.com/4x4/CheapTricks/TurnSignal.shtml

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