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Jul 12, 2005
Thought I would put out a couple of PICs of my 75 PIG to show you all some progress. It has taken time to get this running and appreciate all of the input from previous posts. You guys have been a big help.


Windshield Glass and Seal:

Pighead -- thanks for the SOR connection for the front window seal. I also replaced the cracked windshield with new Toyota glass to keep the winter flood out.


Cruiserbrett -- Replaced the Stock 69 carb and 32/36 Weber carb with what you suggested -- Picked up a 74 carb on EBay, put it on this weekend and runs well at idle and revving it up to 2000 rpm. My plugs are not "fouling" anymore. I can't run it on the road yet since I don't have the correct throttle connection pieces but hope it will run OK.

Carb related pieces needed to get rig on road -- anybody got any of these?

1.) Throttle cable and bracket to carb, throttle cable "puller" on main barrel shaft, and throttle spring tensioner and bracket OR Rod linkage system See pics of what I need (cable) and what I have (to a 74 carb rod linkage system)

2.) After Market air cleaner since use 69 intake with header system -- won't line up with my stock 75 aircleaner. Where do I get a "flat" cleaner that will fit a stock 74 carb? (haven't had the guts to take off the 69 intake and header -- yet to fit a different intake to accept the air cleaner)

"Other" Items Needed (no rush)

2.) rear heater switch
3.) plastic nobs for the lower dash panel (heater/fan slide control nobs)
4.) Uncut Dash - mine has been cut (radio)
5.) Front Light posts and bracket - my lenses are OK - previous owner twisted off bolt posts - front signals came with rig in a bucket.
6.) Plastic front vents/nobs
7.) Fuse cover plate
8.) Flexible heater tube - fits up under steering column - just need connector to fit onto blower
5.) Rear side running lights -- if all that is available is the red plastic lens, that is OK
6.) Rear tail light rubber - both sides

8.) Front seat headrests
9.) Floor covering - plastic mat - toyota

Again, thanks for the help -- especially all you guys with input to get this running --- I was going nuts! Thinking a bought an expensive PIG paper weight.

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Dec 23, 2003
Payson, AZ
nice job, the only parts i have that your looking for is the driver side tailight rubber. send a list to osage if you havent, hes parting a 73, should even have the air cleaner.
BTW my replacemt windsheild rubber is just like yours and i like that it doesnt use the chrome (stainless steel) ring.
Jul 12, 2005

Would appreciate it - How much and/or shoot me an email with how to get it to me -- I picked up some rear lenses that are not so faded as mine (see picture - in the desert sun). The seal I am looking for is the seal behind the chrome plating (see picture) -- will take what I can get -- driver's side is fine.

I have also attached the rear passenger side running light lens pic -- would like both lens and chrome -- driver's side is cracked but can be fixed with glue.

Thanks again


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