5 speed transmission swap

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Mar 6, 2022
Franktown, Colorado
I have a 1982 FJ45, I’m looking at putting in a 5 speed transmission/split transfer case , it has a 4 speed transmission in it now. Am I foolish to think that I am able to do it with an engine puller in a home garage?
Entirely doable - use four long bolts with heads cut off inserted into bellhousing attachment holes as guides to help align it going in...
Your FJ45 has a hand brake on the transfer case. Torque tube behind the transfer case will have clearance issue. Unless you have a 40 series H55F top cover you will be modifying the transmission hump. Even with the correct H55F for the 40 series will have slight clearance problems.
From this page on the Cruiser Outfitters website...
____(that's a link)___

Split-Case Versions
8/80' - 10/82' - 34mm idler shaft, unique input gear. No oiler cup provisions. No spacer bolt hole.

10/82' - ~83' - Same as earlier case, with updated input gear. Introduction of oiler cup provision at this time. Middle bolt hole not present.

~83' - 4/86' - 34mm idler shaft. Has oiler provisions. Has spacer bolt hole.

4/86' - 8/87' - 38mm idler shaft. Has oiler provisions. Has spacer bolt hole. Different gear train, bearings and seals from 34mm cases.

8/87' - 1/90' - 38mm idler shaft. Auto tranny version. Vacuum 4wd. Has oiler provisions. Different gear train, bearings and seals than earlier 38mm cases.

4/86' - 90' - 38mm idler, no oiler (might have been an auto one I had without oiler provisions?)

Determining the year of a Split-Case:

Split Transfer Cases were stamped with a serial number or "build code" at the time of manufacture from the factory. Using this code, you can derive what year transfer case you actually have.

The T-case serial number is a combination of date code and serial.

The format is YMxxx
Y = Last digit of year (always going to be
M = Letter corresponding numerically to month
xxxx = Serial number of case that month

If the number on your case is 5 I 5858, that would be 1985, I=9th letter = 9th month= Sept., 5,858th case built that month

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