3FE, H55F and whether or not to keep the dashpot


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Feb 16, 2005
Spokane, WA
In a thread a while back retaining the dashpot on the 3FE's throttle body after an H55F conversion was debated. I thought I had bookmarked it but apparently not and now I can't find the thread.

Regardless, in that thread I had said I would back my dashpot all the way off to see if there was any real need for it with the H55F. After a few months of driving it with no dashpot, last weekend I readjusted it back to factory spec. While it was backed all the way off I would experience an occasional (though slight) backfire when actuating the clutch to shift, especially at high engine speeds. So I readjusted the dashpot back to normal and for the week since there have been no backfires. My engine is properly tuned, no vacuum leaks, no carbon buildup (EGR been removed for over 15 years and the intake cleaned about the same time) and no PCV sludge buildup thanks to the catch can I installed about 14 years ago.

So given my own experience, for anyone converting to an H55F from the A440F I would recommend keeping the dashpot and keeping it properly adjusted per the FSM.

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