3FE- FJ62 vs FJ80 differences

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Jan 18, 2011
For some reason, I got it into my head that the early 3FE FJ80's electronics were pretty
much the same as the 62. I'd searched, I was the internet expert!

Y'all can laugh at me now.

There's one at the PnP in Arlington- and it's waaayyy different electrically.
I was hoping for some connectors and stuff_ and while I got the stuff,
I have no idea how much I can use.

First question- is the ECU more advanced than the 62's?
There wasn't one in this truck- but it has a LOT more connections...

Second- how much harder is the 80's ECU to use? Worth it?

Third (it's multi- part)- Can I use the 80 coil and ignitorwith a 62 ecu? AFM? Anything else?

For those who are interested, the truck was mostly complete this afternoon-
engine, trans, axles. 300k miles, but it was wrecked, so it's pretty likely
that it's not completely blown up. Someone got the ecu and hacked the harness,
or I'd have grabbed that. Interior's filthy and worn, but mostly complete.

Third (it's multi- part)- Can I use the 80 coil and ignitor with a 62 ecu? AFM? Anything else?


I think yes, but someone may come along and correct me. The coil and ignitor will be wired to the distributor and (fuzzy memory) I think I am using a distributor from a FJ80 in a '88 3FE.
For some reason I was picturing a 62 in my head, instead of an 80.

Oh well. Probably for the best...

The rear diff will work, go grab it. It may be a 4.10 instead of a 4.11 (close enough) but it'll drop right in and bolt up to a later FJ60 driveshaft flange pattern.
I thought the basic block and head are the same, it's all the bolt on stuff can change. sensors and stuff are different.
The 80 series block has holes for the tranny mount above the oil pan that the 62 3fe doesn't. The oil pan and oil pump pickups are different. The coil and dizzy have a different connector on the harness as do the temp switches in the t-stat housing. I think the other connectors are the same. The crank bolt diameter and spacing is different between early 3fe and later 3fe. The accessories (a/c, motor mounts, power steering, and I think alternator) are different between 80 & 62 series. That's all I can remember so far.
I'll do some searching...

Yeah, I thought I remembered that too, but apparently I am not good at searching.

There are various references to specific things, but I couldn't find the 'all in one' thread.

The sensors and stuff are different

That's what was so disorientating- they're SIMILAR but different. I had
pix of the 62 parts on my phone, but at the yard, everything would be the
same- except the pin count. Or the latch. Or something.

I'll go search again.


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