For Sale 3B, H55F, and associated parts - Georgia, USA

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May 12, 2006
Acworth, GA
United States
The Parts:

Running 3B and attached H55F from a 1985 Canadian BJ60. Pulled and transplanted into a 1971 FJ40 in 1999/2000. The engine had approximately 170,000km (~109,000 miles) on it at that time. Has had roughly 10,000 miles put on it since then. Engine harness, EDIC, glow plug controller, and relays included. Also included an extra 12v alternator, original starter (had to replace with one from a BJ42...the BJ60 version didn't fit between the frame rails on the FJ40), power steering pump, and A/C compressor. Both the power steering pump and A/C compressor were removed during the idea if they are good for anything other than scrap after sitting in a box for 15 years.

The rear transmission mount from a BJ42 is attached, as well as the engine mounts (engine side) from a BJ42. The original engine mounts from the BJ60 are included.

The H55F was converted to direct shift from vacuum during the transplant. The original vacuum shift module is also included.

The engine was running last month when pulled. There is some smoke on startup and a healthy coating of oil and grime on the engine. This is *not* a freshly overhauled set by any means. I'm sure it needs some work, and probably fresh glow plugs at a minimum.

The Bad News:

The engine, transmission, and parts are in Acworth, Georgia, 30102. I have no desire to try to ship this beast across the country. I have an engine hoist and will help someone load it into a trailer or pickup bed, though. I had a lot of fun with it, and would like to see it keep going...or at least keep another Cruiser running. I'm not really inclined to start parting stuff out.

I'd like to get a used/rebuildable Warn 8274 in trade for everything. Or $500 USD.

- Chris

Christopher Koc
TLCA 5215
Acworth, GA

dang it Beno, good score!
Not mine. For a good friend.

Dang Beno I was reading this and thinking I should get this and drop something of at Beno
while I am bad someone beat me to it. Great buy for your buddy , let me know if he is selling any parts of it .


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