2F Aisin Carb Questions

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May 14, 2008
Austin, TX
I had the stock Aisin carb off my 1977 FJ40 rebuilt by JimC, but never installed it, still in the box in came in.


1) Will this carb work on my soon to be desmogged 1987 FJ60?

2) The carb was rebuilt ~5 years back, again never installed still in the box I received it in. Any issues with it sitting around this long? If I recall JimC tunes the carb, so I assume some fuel has been ran through it and there may be a little fuel in the carb still?? Likely gas has dried up…

Thoughts are appreciated!
Can’t answer the compatibility question, but here’s what I’ll say:

77 was a weird year for 40 2Fs in that their lineup of smog components and associated carb was unique. It might be valuable to somebody with a 77 40. Valuable enough that you can pick up a 60 2F carb.

Photos? Does it have 2 or 3 vac nipples above the site glass. If three, then 40 folks at high altitude might want that thing. It was an extra port for the HAC system that not all of them had.
not sure on height differences
the 77 won't have the a/c idle up and hac setup
the 77 has the return at the carb versus the fuel pump on the later unit

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