285/75R16 tires on an FJ60

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Apr 5, 2004
Anybody have pics to share of 285/75R16 tires on their '60? Plenty of info in the FJ80 forum but I've yet to see any pics of FJ60's running these tires. This size seems to be a happy medium between 33x10.5 and 32x11.5. Any pics would be great, as well as recommendations on 16" steel wheels. Not having much luck searching specifically for 16" rims.

Doc, you're running this size, right? pics?


Not may people running 16" wheels on a 60 series. The 285/75/R16 would be a good tire/wheel combo for a 60 especially with 4.11 gearing - about 10-3/4" tread width, and about 33" tall. Also available in load range D. Hard to find ina 15" flotation tire.

I believe that your 60 series will need about 3.5" backspacing. so you are likely talking aftermarket special order wheels.
Should work OK with stock springs or 2-1/2" lift.

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Here is my 62 with 285's on 16's.

I want the black Unique wheels with the round holes. They do not make them with correct backspacing fro 60 series, but Discount tire said that Unique would make them for about 10 bucks extra per wheel. 285/75 is a nice looking tire. Not to wide. Not to skinny. Do a search for Doc, he has 285 on his rig on some toyota 16 rims.
Snowflake, those look like black tacoma rims. Are they?? I really like them.
Yeah they are Tacoma/Tundra wheels painted graphite. I have 1.5" wheel spacers to be able to run them. Rides nice:)
Thanks for the pic Snowflake. Anybody found 16" chrome steel wheels with 3.5" or less backspacing? Seems like all the 16" rims are in the 4" - 5" range. Looks like I may have to go with a 15" setup to get the chrome steel look. I'd rather not have to spend an extra $200 on spacers just to mount 16" wheels, so I may give up on the 285/75R16's.

Do a google search for Mickey Thompson wheels. Stock #358411 looks good. Alloy rim that is 15x8 with 3 5/16 backspacing. I think they also have 16" with the correct backspacing.
Good Luck
I'll keep looking and post anything up if I find 16's (that fit) for a decent price. I'd rather not spend much more than $250 for a set of 4, so custom or high end chrome is out of the picture. Thanks for the input.
THat is what I run works great
baloo said:
THat is what I run works great

You have 285/75R16's? What wheels are you running?

Not sure if this is entirely relevant, but I thought I'd post it since you asked if anyone ran 16" rims.

My tires are 33" x 12.50. (aka LT 305/70R16) Mud and Sand No spacers. The rims were special ordered from Summit Racing via US wheel. They were the least expensive option (ca $60 per rim including rewelding the center). US wheel will reverse the center for you, which provides a 2.5" backspacing. makes them stick out some but provides a nice tight turning circle with no rubbing. I like them off road alot. On the highway in Jackson they tend to grab the irregularities in the road--so I drive with that in mind.
The wheels came bare metal. I handpainted them with top grade rustoleum.
Part #: USW -70-7860 custom 16 x 8, 5.5 bolt pattern, 2.5" backspace, reverse
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I picked up 16"s from Discount , I have 245/75 r16 mtrs. They are from Unique. Not sure of the spacing. They didn't have black just white. Wish I would have knew about the extra 10 bucks per rim that hightide mentioned, would have got the black ones . Oh well I only spent 40 bucks a rim.
Wish I had a picture ready, Im new to ih8mud. I own a 84 fj60 on 285's mounted on 16's from discount. Just some steeles, but I would rather bend a wheel than break it. Ask discount for a 16 with a toy 5 lug pattern. Although I will say I rub my 285/75's on my springs but only right at the steer stop. And they are really close to brake calipers, but clear even when flexing. :beer: time. gulp gulp
Sorry fellas 6 lug is what should be there. Thats what I get for drinking at noon
Anybody found any 16" wheel that fit?

Theres an OEM 16" steel wheel w/3.5 BS that Cdan can order. There's a pic posted on here somewhere, but I couldnt' find it just now.

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