200 Series Head Unit Upgrade (1 Viewer)

Sep 11, 2020
I've been looking at this for some time. You answered some specific questions than I could not find. Thanks! Does everything work as usual after the install? You mentioned replacing the rear cam. Did you have to run a new cable for the new cam to work with the system? I want to do this but I don't want to tear everything apart and find out mid install I need a random cable or new amp. Seen plenty of videos. Do you have any links?
The after market cam just works with a power wire (revers light) and rhe yellow video plug like most devices.

The OEM cam is a different one, works on 6v. There is a video on youtube if you want to use that one, newd to modify some wires, i would not recomend that. I left the original cam in, and added the other one just next to it.

Wire just goes from the tailgaite trough the rubber next to the hinge, from the roof towards the side, behind the side panel and door/floor panel towards the device.

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