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May 1, 2019
G'day guys, about 6 months ago i bought a jan 92 80 series GXL factory turbo diesel manual, purchased off an older mechanic who owned the past 14 years. Has roughly 535xxxkms on her, has new injector pump, and I replaced the Big end bearings and bolts about 3000ks ago, other than that i think its factory.. thinking about upgrading the turbo to something like an arashi or kinugawa with a gtx3071r core.. running caltex delo 400 15w 40, and just fitted a redback 3inch turbo back exhaust system. Im no mechanic but have a rough idea of what im doing and i dont think ill ever pay anyone to fix/work on my cars and never have, but im new to the diesel scene.. Anyway just want to know peoples thoughts on what ive bought myself, paid 8k for it and its a gem in my eyes.. has a slightly low/rough idle sometimes, and has an intermittent what sounds like light finger nails on a tin can around 2000-2300ish rpm, other than that its a weapon.. thinking about installing a part time 4x4 kit down the line as well..
Might be a bit scattered like i am but any help/info/recommendations is appreciated, cheers lads and lasses ✌
Leave the turbo alone; she won like it and it's no use without an intercooler. So first; install intercooler, fiddle around with the injectorpump (search for yourself) and install an egt meter.
I left the engine completely stock; if I want to go fast, I take the motorbike.
Lots of info in the Diesel section on this kind of thing, most guys in the 80 section are working with North American models.
Agree with @IanB . Unlike gas/petrol engines, running a leaner mixture with the help of more boost is beneficial on a diesel. Lots of guys run 14-20psi to keep EGTs down. Check out the diesel section for recommendations on turbos and tuning.
Welcome to the 80 crew!
If you're wanting to hop it up a bit (Great idea of course - I miss my 1HDT a lot)
1) Boost and Pre-Turbo EGT Gauge are the first step in winding it up. Make sure that the EGT probe is in the exhaust manifold before the turbo, not in the dump pipe.
2) If you don't know when the injectors were last done, suggest having them gone through. Make sure you get the correct washers for the early 1HDT as the later ones are a different thickness.
3) In hindsight, I would say do a compression test just to see where everything is at before turning up the boost.
4) Step 1 of performance is an intercooler - I would go PDI if i was doing it again.
5) Depending on goals, if the stock turbo is in good condition, boost controller and 15 psi and tune accordingly and it will make a decent difference to how she performs. Graham at Port Adelaide auto repairs is about the best diesel tuner I could find in Adelaide - he will actually tune how you want something tuned.
6) If that isn't enough, given you have an early 1HDT which seem to crack pistons sometimes, I would suggest a GTurbo green vortex (Grunter Extreme) which should allow you to max out the fuel pump and make 140ish RWKW depending on tyre size etc Massive difference over stock given they lay down about 76 with an exhaust.
7) I have a mate with an Arashi on his TD42 and wouldn't recommend to anyone - far too big and laggy, only properly comes on boost at 2800 rpm which is useless. Also, GT3071 IMHO is far too big. If you're looking for a cheaper turbo upgrade, something like this should be about the right size to make it nice and responsive Kinugawa GTX Billet Turbo TOYOTA 1HZ Land Cruiser TD05H-16G / 6cm T3 / 9 Blades | eBay
Thanks people for the input! EGT and FMIC is definitely priority, more power is always good but then again that is what the jza70 is for.. Can someone please explain the pros and cons of having the EGT in the dump or manifold? My cousin who's a mechanic by trade and owns his own raa approved exhaust shop, has a hzj100 with aftermarket turbo says to put the EGT in the dump not the manifold. And theres 2 bungs already in the redback dump pipe..
Forgot to mention i am running a catch can, accumulates not much oil at all.. What would people reccomend if i was to rebuild it, ive read about the early models cracking pistons, and the injector washer situation, cheers for the heads up!
Also what do people think about the Marks adapter 4x4 part time kit? I daily the car and not planning on doing mega 4x4ing, mostly touring and getting to places..
Re the EGT, the temperature drop across the turbo is not a fixed number and can vary depending on rpm, load etc etc. Also, having had pre and post turbo on the same truck with the same tune, post is so much slower to respond to a temperature change. For some reason, the standard here seems to be post turbo, and admittedly it's easier, but having had both, there would have been plenty of times that post turbo was within a range considered acceptable, but in fact the temperature pre turbo (which is more like the temperature the valves, turbo etc actually see) would have been potentially unsafe.
It's a bit more work, but in my experience far better.

Re part time, pull the front driveshaft and lock the centre diff and see if you like it. I reckon it makes the cruiser drive like a patrol, real boaty, but maybe that's just me. With the gturboed 1HDT and now moreso with the turbo 1fz, I reckon it drives far better especially under power, windy roads, quick manoeuvres etc as full time.

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