1. SmoothCanoes

    1hdt information

    G'day guys, about 6 months ago i bought a jan 92 80 series GXL factory turbo diesel manual, purchased off an older mechanic who owned the past 14 years. Has roughly 535xxxkms on her, has new injector pump, and I replaced the Big end bearings and bolts about 3000ks ago, other than that i think...
  2. nck9

    Wanted Toyota CT26 Turbo

    Anyone have a good buildable core for a 1HDT?
  3. T

    How much boost are you pushing with your 1hdt's CT26?

    I'm asking specifically about 1hdts with the ct26 turbo. I'm currently running conservative at 11-12psi, but I'm in the process of getting a 3" exhaust and intercooler. I'm curious how much boost others are getting out of theirs,with or without modification, while still keeping egt's in check...
  4. O

    Did my turbo die?!

    Hi, This morning when I fired up my 80 series, I had the TBELT and the ENGINE OIL lights on. Checked the oil level and I barely had a tiny bit of oil on the edge of the dip stick. No leaking underneath or around the engine but I did find some oil like junk below and around the manual boost...
  5. Postoy

    For Sale 2lte turbo (CT26)

    Rebuilt factory toyota turbo with dynamic seals, very low kms on rebuild. $350 CAD Located in Abbotsford B.C
  6. D

    Advice on hi-flowing CT26 turbo

    Hi, I will have head off my 92 1HD-T shortly, and considering turbo overhaul while at it. Turbo is operating perfectly however is approaching 390k. I will only be looking at 14psi maximum boost for a few reasons of my own. A local supplier has offered a CT26 with upgraded Garrett 11 blade...
  7. D

    Ct26 turbo wastegate actuator hose size?

    Gents, Has someone got the ID handy in relation for the factory barbs on the ct26 turbo used on 1hd-t for the wastegate hose? I want to fit a boost controller and want to buy some hose. Also any tips on accessing the factory wastegate hose as it looks very tight in there. Dave
  8. C

    Melett CT26 CHRA for 58020 turbo

    Hi, I am getting a feeling that my turbo is maxing out at about 2200 rpm, I am guessing there is something wrong with the unit. I went to Melett to buy a replacement chra for 58020 series CT26 for my 91 1HDT and they said they dont have it for that turbo. Any suggestions on the alternate or...
  9. C

    LC105 1HZ-T to continue or not....

    December 1, 2016 Dear All, I am the 4th owner of a recently acquired LC 105 unit in the Philippines of which the seller has no idea except that its a turbo intercooler diesel and indeed it had a front mount intercooler and a 1hd-t CT26 Turbo! So to cut the story short, when I drove it on the...
  10. kevsta

    Mamba Upgraded Turbo for 1HD-T?

    Hi all. has anybody got any experience of these on ebay? MAMBA Upgrade TOYOTA CT26 Turbo CHRA w/ GTX GT3071R 56T Wheel 1HD-FT / 1HD-T | eBay MAMBA Upgrade TOYOTA CT26 Turbocharger w/ GTX3071R Wheel 1HD-T 4.2L Land Cruiser | eBay I know gTurbo is popular round this way, but it's a very...
  11. serenity

    How to: 1HZ CT26 turbo install

    Hi guys, thought I would document my CT26 turbo install on my 1994 HZJ80 for anyone who is interested. Here is the cruiser. I picked up a complete 1hd-t turbo setup for a bargain price. Also got the factory air box and pre turbo intake piping. Genuine parts purchased for the swap: Water...
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