1. Vee

    Fix as RHD or convert to LHD

    So basically I bought an 1995 land cruiser RHD from auction with fire damage in dash. Thought it was going to be a quick wiring harness patch and plastics but unfortunately there was a lot more heat than what it looked like. Cowl harness is toast and everything to the left of the radio is pretty...
  2. S

    Wanted  Blaine, WA: 1 HD-T ACSD Blanking Plate, O-Ring and Hex Bolts

    ISO ACSD Blanking plate and required parts for my "new" HDJ81. I have searched, emailed and called multiple potential sources to no avail. Just trying to bomb-proof the old girl.
  3. underi

    For Sale  1990 HDJ81 TD, 1HD-T, Triple-Locked, Factory Winch, RHD Auto

    Hello, I am a new member, officially, but unofficially have been a long-time peeker. I really thank to those who put their time into sharing knowledge with us. It takes a lot of time, sweat and cursing. I have recently moved back from Japan about a month ago and my HDJ81 is in the process of...
  4. Elessey

    For Sale  Los Angeles: EGR Front Wind Deflectors (1992) HDJ81

    Pulled these EGR branded wind deflectors off my HDJ81 when it came off the boat from Japan. Front two only. Comes with some misc mounting pins but you really only need some 3M sticky tape to attach them. No cracks or problems. Just a bit dirty is all. Open to offers.
  5. M

    SOLD  NW Montana: 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81

    For sale is a 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser. 1HDT 4.2 turbo diesel, automatic transmission, factory locking diffs. 6” lift, 35x12.5 General Grabbers, oem snorkel, Arb front bull bar, Dobinsons dual swing out rear bumper, front runner load bars x2. New radiator, belts, front steering stabilizer...
  6. medgardo88x2

    SOLD  Washington 1990 HDJ81

    Hate to see this go but I’m selling my 1990 1HDT Toyota Land-Cruiser Turbo-Diesel RHD 104k miles picture is in Kilometers My daily for the past couple years - 18-20mpg -Triple-locked Diffs, Stock works like a charm -paint in good condition -Reliable (its my daily)...
  7. CobbleHDJ81

    1HDT turbocharger failure. Advice?

    Turbocharger on my 92 HDJ81 went pop offroading sending large shards and lots of oil on metal down the intake tube and into my front mount intercooler, possibly into engine. Made the mistake of firing it back up again after shutting it off to examine and saw oil pouring out of the turbo on to...
  8. Outono

    SOLD  1HDT Injectors

    6x 1HD-T injectors from a 1991 HDJ81. I had these injectors rebuilt less than 500 miles ago. I pulled them in search of a misfire in my engine that was present before and after the injectors were rebuilt. Decided to go with brand new ones (more than 2x the cost) since I am refurbishing most of...
  9. aussiefzj80

    1HDT Injector seat damage

    Hi legends, Regards from Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne. I pulled the injectors from a 1HDT last week and used the well documented reverse clamp method to extract the injectors. For all but one the copper washer was attached and came out along with the injector. However, the washer on #5 was...
  10. Zhfreund

    81 Proof - Build Thread

    I'll start with a small introduction to myself and then the vehicle. I am a professional photographer based out of Grand Junction, Colorado - I have been wheeling and traveling since I was a kid with my father and previously owned a 2006 Tacoma I built for my needs. I have always wanted to do...
  11. htownlc

    3" Beaudesert Exhaust for HDJ81

    The Australian to US Dollar exchange rate is pretty favorable for Americans right now, so I thought I'd share the Beaudesert exhaust I just bought and @duggy bolted up for me last week. The thing is beautiful (if you look under the truck), and sounds great. I ordered the 304 grade polished...
  12. Jonchez

    SOLD  Webasto Coolant Heater

    Selling: Webaston Thermo Top C coolant heater with 7 day programmable timer, was only used for about 10,000 kilometers. This is game changer if you have a diesel in below freezing temps. No longer needed as i live in California and the vehicle came from Canada. Price: 600.00 USD shipped...
  13. Jroc561

    Builds  Jroc's 92 HDJ81 Build

    Hello all, In the current day of binge watching I wanted to wait to create this thread until I had more updates to share, but I've realize there is no better place for dumb questions than your own build thread...... and boy do I have some dumb questions. A little back story. My name is Josh...
  14. twigs

    Rough price of non-running 1HDT 80 series cruiser

    My '92 1HDT cruiser recently copped the infamous big end bearing failure... I am weighing up my options on whether to get it rebuilt, new engine, sell it as it is etc. The problem is, cash is tight at the moment so i'm not too keen on dishing out the cash to get it rebuilt. The interior and...
  15. BSheps

    Fuel in cylinder on compression test

    So I did a compression test yesterday on my 1hdt. I followed a post on here which was very helpful. I disconnected the fuel solenoid to the fuel pump and Cranked it to make sure there wasnt being any fuel injected Then tested through the glow plug holes in order. However fuel (quite a lot)...
  16. Willis

    Builds  Troopy Trial No. 2

    After building and enjoying my first Troopy for the past two years, it was time to start another. I loved the ol 12HT/pop-top truck right down to the rusty fading paint but all at once I had about 4 people want to buy it so I decided to sell and start another. Coincidentally Lukas...
  17. G

    1hdfte/ct20b/ct26small rebuild and/or hybridize for 1hdt

    I am moving this into its own thread to consolidate and hopefully get more advice.... Hi, looking for a mild low budget upgrade for my 1hdt I decided to go with the 17204-170401hdfte turbo. Picked up one cheap on gumtree. Had a damaged compressor wheel, but otherwise it is in great shape (no...
  18. SmoothCanoes

    1hdt information

    G'day guys, about 6 months ago i bought a jan 92 80 series GXL factory turbo diesel manual, purchased off an older mechanic who owned the past 14 years. Has roughly 535xxxkms on her, has new injector pump, and I replaced the Big end bearings and bolts about 3000ks ago, other than that i think...
  19. mocha0923

    1HDT and Steering System Issue

    I would like to get opinion from fellow members who may have experience similar problem as I have now. I have an HDJ81 1994 model original RHD. I replaced steering arm & steering box with OEM LHD components. I converted to LHD steering system. However, the steering effort were so hard that you...
  20. HDJake81

    For Sale  1991 HDJ-81 VX United States Arkansas

    Any die hard Cruiser enthusiasts hunting for a pristine 1991 HDJ-81 RIGHT HAND DRIVE VX with the stout 1 HDT Toyota turbo diesel? Hunt no more! Why go through the hassle and swap a 4BT in your Cruiser when you can have a Toyota 1HDT? 27,000 USD 94500 miles 5 speed, triple locked, 3 inch OME...
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