1HDT Boost on highway

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Jun 29, 2014
Victoria, BC
This is probably an extremely dumb question, but my 1HDT is paired with a H151 and 315s. The turbo is a 7M supra turbo (new from Mellett, set to 14PSI max) w/HDT turbine housing.

Obviously with the H151 my revs are still pretty high at highway speeds, and cruising at highway speeds I am boosting continually for hours on end. Is this detrimental to the turbo spooling continually like this?
No, that what it is built for, no worries.

I agree. What will kill a turbo is large temperature changes. Specifically, getting it real hot by boosting a lot on the highway, especially going up a grade, and then immediately pulling over and shutting it off. But continuous boost for a long time? No sweat at all.

Yes I figured that was the case. I live in a very hilly area. On my way home I try to stay off the boost for the last couple of minutes before pulling into the driveway.
Youd also be amazed how much more your EGT's will drop in 20-30 seconds of being in park.

or even more if you can compress in downhill ..

anyhow I lever feel comfortable when boosting more than 20 for long periods of time .. I always tend to downshift and give little rest to my engine If I could not stop.

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