1. DriveUncommon

    For Sale  1992 Turbo Diesel Land Cruiser HDJ81: 108,000 miles, Triple Locked, Warn Winch, East Coast Bull Bar, Lift kit, Black Rhino Wheels & more in New Mexico

    This triple locked 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81 is a Japanese-market example that we imported into the US in May of 2021 and sold in March of 2022. We recently took the truck in on consignment after the buyer upgraded to a modified 1HD-FT truck in our inventory. This fantastic example is now...
  2. 96TrailSurfer

    Help Identifying Panhard Bar and Bushings

    My HDJ81 came from Japan with an after-market dual-side adjustable panhard bar and a drop bracket. Can anyone identify the brand / model of this panhard bar so I can double check bushing size and determine if I can use an OEM bushing. My caliper measurement shows 38 mm ID, while I understand...
  3. WildSouth

    My 3x locked HDJ81 with 150,000kms (JDM spec)

    Hi all, As we all love a few photos, figured I'd share my 1995 JDM spec HDJ81, 3x locked with just 150,000kms on the ODO. Thanks for all the inspiration and knowledge sharing over the years here on Mud. Scotty
  4. Tanner H


    Looking for the left/passenger mirror for my 90 hdj81. Will consider purchasing pair if the price is right.
  5. Hblock

    SOLD  Looking for a HDJ80

    Anyone know of an HDJ80 for sale? Or clean HDJ81. Would prefer the LHD but not a killer. Thanks in advance.
  6. 1BDA5560

    For Sale  Alberta, Canada - 1992 - Auto - HDJ81 Land Cruiser - Triple Locked - 1HDT - aka TRUCK NORRIS

    For Sale: 1992 HDJ81 with a 1HDT factory 4.2L Turbo Diesel ***IMPORTANT MESSAGE*** - Truck Norris was not built to hang out at the mall or go to Costco on the weekends with your old lady. I built this rig for Elk hunting, Camping, and anything else mother nature can throw at you. The time has...
  7. Kingston1

    Toyota HDJ81

    Toyota HDJ81. hi folks after a full service manual for a friend. Apologies if I am in the wrong part of the site. Thanks
  8. Tanner H

    Wanted  WTB: HDJ81 FLOOR MATS

    Looking for 1st and 2nd row but will take first row if you got 'em. Located in Southern California Looking for this version:
  9. A

    For Sale  Bend, Oregon 1996 HDJ81 1HDFT, 5 Speed, Active Vacation

    1996 HDJ81 $37,000 -239km -5spd -1HDFT -Active Vacation Package -Suxon JDM exhaust system -Big body lift -non airbag -Turbo Timer -Cool G force gauge -Aussie bullbar -Tires are shot -JDM rims 16.5” Interior is immaculate. No rips or tears. No cracks in the dash. Exterior is in excellent...
  10. S

    HDJ81 Suspension + brakes

    I have a dobinson kit for my HDJ81. I am wondering if I will need extended brake lines or anything else. If I do can someone send me a link? I also do need to replace my brakes and maybe my rotors. If someone could link stock HDJ81 front and rear brake pads + rotors that would be greatly...
  11. 4lomoneypit

    SOLD  CA - 1990 HDJ81 Triple Locked

    1990 HDJ81 VX Limited 313,000 km / 195,500 miles 1HDT Turbo Diesel Triple Locked Automatic ̶2̶5̶,̶0̶0̶0̶ $18,500 OBO. - open to trades, trades+cash (80 series, 100 series, FJ62, 3rd Gen 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, 1st gen Tacoma) Preferably lower mileage, close to stock or mild lift, rust free...
  12. Druepy

    SOLD  Austin, TX - 1992 HDJ81 Price dropped

    I am selling my 1992 HDJ81. I have had it almost 2 years. It currently has 190K on the clock. It has been a great truck but i have too many cars right now. 1992 1HD-T 190K km Center locked 3” lift K02 33s JDM tire carrier Snorkel Maintenance I have done or have had done: Injector pump rebuild...
  13. Tanner H

    Wanted  WTB: HDJ81 Any state

    Looking for an HDJ81. Prefer under $20k , Cash in hand. Open to all colors except champagne/gold.
  14. codgn

    SOLD  5spd 1992 HDJ81 (PRICE LOWERED) 29k

    Im posting my 1992 HDJ81 for sale. It currently sits around 203,000km and runs great with no blowby. In my ownership the maintenance items/mods below have been done Front knuckle rebuild New CCT Stage 1 turbo New OEM hoses Timing Belt BEBs Valve cover gasket Water pump Glow plugs Fire...
  15. veiloctane

    Wanted  early 1hd-t VE pump + Injectors 03/91 HDJ81

    Hi guys looking to have a spare VE pump and injectors so I can have them as a hot spare after sending them out for rebuild Injection pump: 22100-17290 VE6/12F1800RND676 096000-6760 9 02L0641 DENSO 729 Injectors: 23600-17010
  16. HolyMechanic

    Wanted  1995+ FZJ80, LX450

    Hey guys! In Bozeman, MT looking for a clean, sub-220,000 mi 80 series. Looking for OBD2 compliant so I can use my scan tool, ideally triple locked (not a deal breaker at all), and not shy of RHD! Let me know if you are in the MT, WY, ID, or WA area and are looking to get a cruiser off your hands!
  17. codgn

    For Sale  HDJ81 Airbox

    Selling the aibox and rubber piping that goes down to the turbo off my hdj81. Its a 92 and the airbox is pretty rust free and hoses are in good condition. Asking 300 OBO for everything im located in Colorado USA
  18. amlnz

    Wandering Steering

    Hi all, I have a 1991 HDJ81 LandCruiser with the 12 valve 1HDT engine. When driving in a straight line the truck will need to be constantly steered in one direction or the other. For a while you will have to steer left as the truck is pulling right, then suddenly it will switch and you have...
  19. roaminglost

    Roaming Lost: x3 Locked 1990 Toyota HDJ81

    I'm really hyped on this one; I picked up a 1990 HDJ81—triple locked, 1HDT diesel motor. The first drive home was 8 hrs, and did it with no issues. It's pretty wild that a 33-year-old truck runs like a dream! The first thing I had done was a PDI intercooler and trans cooler. Also added...
  20. S

    Hdj81 fusible link

    I’m looking for an hdj81 fusible link does anyone know where to get one? I can’t find The japanese 1hdt fusible links in America.
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