1. Classic85

    For Sale Take off Original 1991 Asian winch (38600-60050)

    SOLD Toyota original 1991 Asian winch (38600-60050) from 1991 HDJ81, everything works. Upgraded to bigger winch/bumper. Includes everything in the diagram plus remote control with pouch, factory bull bar, and factory tow points. Everything needed to pull your bumper and install full JDM...
  2. WillGentry

    Wanted 80/81 Non-sliding solid rear quarter windows

    Looking to buy some used fixed rear quarter glass. Let me know if you have some laying around. Must be clear glass (non-factory mirror tint) Thank you!!
  3. mmacpherson

    For Sale Removed

    post removed. listed for sale on BaT
  4. RhinoRig

    Wanted AC amplifier 88650-60080 for HDJ81

    Looking for a working unit. Anyone know if 88650-60081 is a good replacement? Also need the solar sensor 88625-20140 or sub 88625-60080 Muchas gracias!
  5. mmacpherson

    For Sale What's an excellent condition HDJ81 RHD with 81,000 miles worth?

    Looking for some guidance on what a low mileage, RHD HDJ81 in excellent condition might be worth these days. Looks like there are quite a few 81's out there. Any input would be appreciated.
  6. H

    Tire Wear Diagnosis and Fix

    I have a 1991 HDJ81 with stock size 31x10.5r15 Bridgestone tires that came with the vehicle when we bought it back in November of 2016. In the last year or so all four tires have developed tire wear that I'm having trouble determining the cause (and what to do to fix it). Our tires are due for...
  7. MoneyMike

    SOLD Land Cruiser HDJ81V Turbo Diesel

    Sale discontinued. Please remove thread
  8. 100 series

    For Sale 1990 HDJ81 With Gturbo Upgrade and Overland Build-SOLD!

    I'm selling my beloved 1990 HDJ81 JDM 80 series Land Cruiser with 1HD-T turbo diesel engine, imported professionally from Land Cruiser Direct in 2015. This truck has been my baby for almost 3 years, but we have decided to move up to a small camper and need a little more towing power. She is well...
  9. CruiserDog

    1992 Land Cruiser HDJ81 trailer wiring Help Needed!!!

    I recently imported and jumped through the hoops to get this land tank registered. I'm quickly finding out that a lot of parts are different for this 80 series. Also wanted to do a road trip to Oregon and Victoria Canada with it, but the misses wants to take a travel trailer with us, which leads...
  10. Outono

    SOLD JDM 80 series super rare Active Vacation Package drawer / camping system + sink & stove

    SOLD!! Went to a California local. Thanks for the interest guys. ################################################## UPDATE: I am willing to ship this kit anywhere within the continental USA. You let me know how you want it shipped (FedEx, UPS, freight) and I will work with you to get it...
  11. T

    Remove door carpet from HDJ81

    I didn't find anything with a forum search regarding removing the carpet covering from the lower doors. Mine have already gotten a mud bath and i'm thinking i should probably get rid of the carpeting on the doors. Before I start removing it, I'd like to here for people have done this. Mainly if...
  12. T

    Anyone using seatcoversunlimited covers?

    Looking to buy seat covers for my 90 HDJ81 in the coming weeks and I think i've narrowed it down to two tone canvas from seatcoversunlimted.com Forums search revealed surprisingly little, so i'm looking for input from anyone who has or has experience with these covers. Thanks
  13. T

    My new 1990 HDJ81

    I bought a 1969 FJ55 several years ago and have been sloooooooowly restoring it. In the meantime I had been using our family sequoia (much to my wife's chagrin) for off reading. We have 300 acres of rick, trees and mountain that I like to spend my weekends on and it till it's toll on the old...
  14. I

    For Sale 1991 HDJ81

    Hey there, folks. I'd like to sell my 1991 HDJ81. Here's a bit about it. * It was imported from Japan with all the appropriate customs and EPA paperwork. * It's titled in Oregon and registered until 2020. * Right hand drive! * It has the 1HD-T turbo diesel engine and 4 spd automatic...
  15. jurassic cruiser

    does Onur Beno still sell parts

    after searching far and wide I was finally so relieved to find Onur and get his help. Recently I have not been able to get in touch with him. Has anyone else had this experience. I have about 2-3k in parts I need to order. I really like the guy I hope he is doing ok. Part of me is hoping he...
  16. jatree

    HDJ81 Owners

    How is it holding up? It's 2018 now so I expect to start seeing 1993 models rolling into the states. For those of you who imported from Japan, Canada, or elsewhere - have you run into any big issues with repairs or finding parts? Most of the threads from owners a couple years ago seemed to...
  17. H

    1-HDT injection pump removal and service/PM items

    I'm having my HDJ81's leaky injection pump (IP) swapped out some time in March by Land Cruiser's Direct (thanks @SteveJackson !). I purchased a rebuilt IP from Cruiser Addiction recently to minimize our downtime when we have the work done. Anyway, during the removal process I'm wondering if...
  18. Bilal

    Drivetrain help - Slow vehicle - 80 Series - 1HDT

    Hello team, This is my first time posting here on the forum, although I have been reading them for over 3 years now. I have some issues which I am trying to figure out for sometime now and I don't know the exact culprit, partly because I am quite illiterate when it comes to vehicles. BTW I am...
  19. MonsterCruiser

    1HD-T Pre vs Post Turbo EGT Readings

    I have both pre and post turbo gauges rigged up on my truck right now, so I thought I'd do a couple hill runs for my own comparison and I set up the GoPro so I could show others as well :) It's noted in the video as well, but the analog gauge is pre-turbo in Celsius and the digital reading on...
  20. M

    For Sale 1990 Toyota Landcruiser HDJ81, LOW MILES

    For sale is a 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81. Clean and legal import from Japan to the United States. Vehicle has clear Montana title transferable to all 50 states. This is a one owner vehicle which has an odometer reading of 97,698 kilometers or 60,760 miles. This truck has the 1HDT 4.2...
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