For Sale 1989 FJ62 Charleston SC

Mar 6, 2005
United States

I am reposting this FJ62 for sale. I had a member commit to buying when I posted it for sale back in 2017. The sale was basically complete (including receipt of $1000.00 in earnest money that was returned) when the buyer had to back out. Since then we have moved and just generally been busy with life.

Since the original post the only changes to the truck are:
- New windshield wipers
- New battery
- New battery terminals

I am not going to be able to check PMs on MUD every day so please call or text me at 843 4 one 2 2496 or send an email to lconnelly at charlestoncounty dot org if you are seriously interested. I will get replies out after work hours.

All pictures should be in my profile and I can provide others as needed.


Lawton Connelly

<Original Post>

I have had this Cruiser for 13 years and the time has come for us to part ways. The simple fact is that when I bought the truck, I worked on it all the time whether it needed it or not. Unfortunately, I've come to a point where I'm just not able to find the time to put in. This truck has been an excellent daily driver for 13 years and has never once complained. Everything on this truck is original or OEM except the side view mirrors which I replaced with aftermarkets that look exactly like the originals.


- $5,500.00 (including spare transmission, see below)
- All records available
- All original seats and interior panels (front driver seat does have a tear)
- Complete set of custom-fit seat covers (front and back)
- Color is grey on grey
- Roof racks with mounted tray
- 1 1/2 year old BFG All Terrain T/A including same for spare
- A440F Automatic transmission
- Things (apart from normal maintenance) I have fixed/replaced:
- Front tie rods and sway bar
- Front passenger rotor
- Brake booster and master cylinder
- Rear drum break cylinders
- Starter
- Side view mirrors
- Transfer case
- Alternator
- Distributor / Oil Pump
- Muffler and tailpipe

Full Disclosure (not here to waste anybody's time):

- There is some surface rust - it is ONLY surface rust
- AC clutch needs to be rebuilt - works but squeals
- Carpet and trim in the cargo area need to be cleaned and patched up
- Yes, it does leak a little oil. It has ever since I got it and has not increased or decreased in 13 years.
- There is a minor slip in the transmission between second and third gear - has been this way for about ten years and has not gotten worse.
- Radio is not present (had a break in a year or so ago and have not replaced). The truck is wired for two rear speakers (Infinity 6 1/4 still installed), two front door speakers, Sub, Amp, Tweeters (Infinity component still installed) and electronic crossovers (still installed) under front seats.

Spares that will be included:

- Drive shaft (front, I think)
- Factory Service Manual
- Most parts to rebuild Birfields (purchased but job not done)
- Gear Shift
- Various interior trim parts, light covers, and misc parts acquired over the years

I also have a 'spare' A440F transmission which could be included for the right price...

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Mar 6, 2005
Pictures below. More in my gallery. Please PM or email lawtonconnelly at gmail dot com.

FJ62 003.JPG

FJ62 004.JPG

FJ62 006.JPG

FJ62 013.JPG

FJ62 016.JPG
Mar 6, 2005
Thank you all for the replies. I will take more picture this evening and post.
Mar 6, 2005
I have posted more pictures in my gallery as requested by a number of people. Everyone should be able to see these and I hope I have shown what you were interested in seeing. Need to go visit with the fam now. Please take a look. I will call those who requested tomorrow after work (Eastern). -llciii
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