1. sherman

    For Sale  Old Man Emu 2721 Rear Springs

    Ended up with an extra pair of Old Man Emu 2721 Rear Springs, as the first pair I bought was warranted by ARB. Springs are new in box. Selling for $170, buyer pays for shipping.
  2. D

    SOLD  TX: 2018 Land Cruiser / OME / ARB / RHINO

    Not so long story short. I purchased this for my dad. The red is rare, and he and I have always been Toyota guys. When I was 8 years old, we went to a Toyota dealership together to buy a T100. It was the first car he had ever bought new. We picked everything out. And the color he picked was a...
  3. asutherland

    OME 2864 or 2868 rear springs on my porky girl

    Hey all I'm looking at the following: FRONT: ARB2850J front springs for a total of 3" lift REAR: ARB2864 or ARB2868 rear springs + 25mm spacer for a total of 3" lift Plus ARB60071L and ARB60071L for shocks So it's a toss up between the two rear spring setups. I don't believe the rear J's...
  4. sherman

    Wanted  SF Bay Area: ARB (OME) 2721 Springs

    I ordered a set of ARB 2721 springs from Autoplicity, and while the box clearly states "ARB 2721," what was found inside the box was something completely different. By the way, since it's been over 30 days, Autoplicity won't allow me to return the order. So I'm now on the hunt for ARB (OME)...
  5. R

    Wanted  Dobinsons C59-613V and C59-612V springs for 80 series, Bay Area, CA

    Howdy folks, You read the title, I'm interested in buying those springs if anyone has them lying around. They are on back order for a few months so I thought I'd try my luck here. Let me know. I'd be willing to workout a partial trade for my Fox 2.0 10" travel shocks with less than 10k miles...
  6. S

    OME lift kit/suspension. Heavy load vs medium load

    Hello, this is my first time posting in this forum so my apologies if this formatting or anything is incorrect. I plan on getting a OME 2.5” lift for my LX450 but I’m unsure whether to get heavy load springs or medium load springs. I don’t currently have a heavy bumper or winch, but I plan to...
  7. Landothelad

    SOLD  San Diego, CA - 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser (Significant Price Drop)

    - California Truck I bought this truck 2 years ago hoping I would get more use out of it, but unfortunately I haven’t had the time. I’ve put on less than 10k miles in the 2 years of ownership, all highway miles with some light trailing. Totaling to a current ~268K miles The previous owner was...
  8. G

    AHC Suspension Conversion (IronMan Foam Cell vs. OldManEmu)

    Hi guys, Looking to do a AHC delete on my LX470. I wanted to get everyone's thoughts if they also made the transition. This is the kit I am thinking of getting from IM. Foam Cell Pro 2" Suspension Kit Suited for Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser/Lexus LX470 - Stage 1 -...
  9. D

    Vehicle height after OME 1.5/2.5" Lift

    I'm currently considering the 1.5" and 2.5" OME lift kits from Slee for my 2001 100-series but would like to get an idea of how much height change to expect. The current springs and torsion bars haven't been swapped in the 8 years I've owned it, so I'm not sure how much it currently sags...
  10. P

    SOLD  SOLD Seattle, WA - 2014 Land Cruiser with 45,xxx miles - OME BP51, ARB, Slee, Rigid, Warn - Mule Expedition Outfitters Installed

    EDIT: SOLD FOR SALE 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser White exterior Black interior VIN: JTMHY7AJ0E4027727 45,xxx miles (still accumulating as I continue to drive it a few times per week) Located in NE Seattle, WA Title in hand All modifications installed by Mule Expedition Outfitters in Issaquah, WA...
  11. 88red

    SOLD  OME Leaf springs heavy fronts, medium rears. Maryland

    OME leaf springs for 60 series. CS004f, CS004R a/b. $500. Can ship but local pickup preferred.
  12. EsbenDenmark

    HZJ75 Suspension for both light AND heavy loads

    I am building an overland camper on the base of a 1994 HZJ75 pickup. The camper box will be demountable, so I will also be using the truck without the heavy camper box. I just weighed my truck and it is 2100kg unloaded, but with the camper box it will be more like 3000kg I see 4 main options...
  13. JPTX

    SOLD  Denver, CO: OME 2860 / 860 Springs, lightly used

    OME 2860 Springs with approximately 10k miles on them, very little off-road use. I recently added a rear bumper with swingouts, 35" tire, hi-lift, etc, and it was too much weight for the 2860s to handle - swapped in some 2863s last week. Springs are in great shape and (obviously) have a ton of...
  14. marchthroughathens

    Too Much Castor?

    Currently running old J springs with 2" MetalTech spacers. Got 4" MAN-A-Fre drop brackets. Restoring the truck, and planning on switching to OME Stock height with 20mm front spacers. Stock bumper, etc upfront. Will the 4" drop brackets be too much on a near stock height 80?
  15. mrjordann

    OME lift kit, or DELUXE OME lift kit?

    Hey all, I've decided to lift my 40. I want Old Man Emu because I've heard their the best. I found [this site here], and they offer two OME lift kits. Here are the two listed... OME Suspension: Includes F&R Springs, F&R shocks, F&R bushings, Steering dampener Deluxe OME Suspension: Includes...
  16. D

    SOLD  WY - 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser - 228k, Mild Build

    *I just picked her up from the shop after having the front brakes re-done (new pads & rotors) as well as having the front bearings replaced (with seals). I drove it last week and felt the brakes chattering, so I couldn't sell it that way - so now we're back to good as new! Also, new OME shocks...
  17. D

    SOLD  Indiana: OME Rear Lifted Coil Springs Land Cruiser 80/100/105 Series

    Rear Lifted Coil Springs Land Cruiser 80/100/105 Series OME coil springs 2860. They are almost brand new. Asking $120 including shipping within US
  18. R

    My first 40 and some suspension tech/ questions

    Hey all, Left the 4runner gang and traded for a '73 40 series. Who wouldn't accept that trade? The 2nd previous owner converted the 40 to SOA with a 4ish" lift with some god awful 3 pack leaf springs and es9k procomp shocks. Let's just say your grandpas old John Deere tractor rides better...
  19. ravivt

    Thoughts on OME BP-51 for 2013 TLC?

    Any thoughts on the OME BP-51 for a 2013 TLC? Does it worth the price? What other alternatives are out there to balance on pavement comfort with off pavement performance? Thx!
  20. LL247

    SOLD  Pittsburgh, PA - OME BP51 Suspension for 200 series - only 2k miles on setup!

    Had this suspension installed a few months ago but was recently forced to trade in my Land Cruiser, setup only has 2k miles on it so almost new. Old Man Emu BP-51 Paid $3000 a few months ago, will sell for $2200. Prefer local pickup but will ship on your dime. I own a custom shop and can take...
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