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  1. 60 Series
Ojai, California United States
Four and a half years and I can’t believe I’m putting the truck up for sale, but here I am. Taking a different direction in life and slimming down the toy section for now. I bought this truck in 2016 when I moved to California because I needed a truck to get me everywhere and still be enjoyable to drive. This continues to be true today, reliable and fun to drive. Little did I know at the time, I would become an OEM fanatic. Toyota built a great truck and I had no interest in deviating from a design that has proven to be reliable. Every item on the truck that has been replaced has been cleaned, scrubbed, or replaced new as required. I took a few liberties in the name of ‘while it’s still available’ but ultimately so the truck can be driven long distances without worry. In the four and a half years of ownership, the truck has never once left me stranded. This truck is for someone who loves to tinker, is detail-oriented and will understand the amount of dedication to keeping this truck true to its original form, with a few updates to bring it into the 21st century. I've taken many trips with the truck, it has been used in a number of photoshoots for, Aerie and various other commercials.

Hard data:
  • 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser, October ’85 construction
  • 220k miles (barely moving currently as I daily my 40)
  • White Exterior
  • Grey Interior
  • New H55 5spd Transmission and new OEM Transfercase
  • ~3” OME lift with extended shackles and AAL in front leaf pack
  • Desmogged engine with ROW air cleaner
  • Fj62 Dash Swap with Pioneer In-Dash Multimedia and wireless Car play
  • OEM Toyota 16x8 Steel wheels wrapped with 315/75r16 BFG KM3s
Starting from the outside, the truck has received an OME lift with extended shackles to level the height. Toyota 16x8 steel wheels are wrapped in 315/75r16 BFG KM3s and are pushed outward to their final offset with 2” spacers. The exterior received a respray a number of years ago and still shines up well with minimal flaws. All glass is original to the truck, except the windshield which was replaced prior to my ownership with an OEM seal. The bumpers and hardware were replaced with all genuine Toyota parts as well as the headlight doors and relayed Koito H4 headlights. All trim is intact including the ‘snake blinders’ which were replaced with new old stock items. The mud flaps also have been removed, scrubbed and are in excellent condition.

The interior has received a notable amount of attention. The front seats have been recovered by the previous owner using a majority of the original fabric. The dash has been exchanged for the 88-90 dash which allows for the Pioneer In-Dash Car Play unit to be installed and powers a pair of Polk Speakers. The dash swap allowed for new genuine dashboard, instrument bezel, 70-series adjustable air vents, and a new ashtray to be installed. All functionality has been retained using all genuine Toyota parts. The handsfree Bluetooth/Carplay is fully functional and is used quite often. The original steering wheel has been replaced with a wood Nardi 360mm and Works Bell hub, though the original wheel is included with sale if a change is desired. All other interior items have been exchanged with either new or reconditioned to maintain tidy appearance.

The engine retains its original 2F from the factory and holds excellent compression across all 6 cylinders. The engine has received the same OEM treatment and runs like a swiss watch. The engine has received a desmog treatment utilizing all genuine Toyota parts to complete the task, likely the tidiest desmog using genuine parts to date. Every vacuum switch, VSV, BVSB, VTV, vacuum line and restrictor is included with sale if the buyer anticipates the need to revert back to the original smogged design. The air intake assembly has been swapped over to the Rest of World (ROW) air cleaner for the 2F to allow for the cyclonic air cleaner and easier general maintenance. A spreadsheet is available that depicts all maintenance and repairs performed over the 4.5 year ownership.

The drivetrain has been improved with a new OEM H55 transmission and mated to a new OEM transfer case. The transmission and transfer case receive BradPenn GL4 and shifts smoothly and quietly, truly a remarkable upgrade that pairs excellent with the 315s on and off the highway.

The owner will receive a complete book of receipts depicting every item replaced on the truck along with all spares removed from the truck along with the MS Excel spreadsheet used to track all maintenance. The build thread for any potential interested party can be found HERE. More in-depth photos can be found HERE.

Price: $35k












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Feb 20, 2016
Clear Lake, Texas
I have seen this truck and it is a beauty. This is a well sorted truck and Nate has done an amazing job with it. Whoever buys this can be confident that it is represented exactly as described. Sorry to see Nate sell it.


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Nov 27, 2016
Ventura, Calif.
I have seen this truck and it is a beauty. This is a well sorted truck and Nate has done an amazing job with it. Whoever buys this can be confident that it is represented exactly as described. Sorry to see Nate sell it.
Coop I appreciate the words! Look forward to having a couple beers at SAS!

Very, very nice 60 series! GLWS!
Thank you!
This makes me sad. I’ll give you $5k.
I mean, I'm going to keep the truck, but I'll take your $5k :)
Clean engine bay!
Thank you!
wow. one hell of a truck. if i was in the market for a 60 right now, this would be it. GLWS
Much appreciated!
Forever bump for this truck to sell to a worthy owner. Now that Nate’s “brightening” thread may be retired I can extinguish the flames on my credit card from trying to keep up with Mr. OEM.
Haha! I'm only taking notes from some of the other folks in here and running with it. It's such a dangerous addiction for me.
Stunning, sorry you are moving in a different direction. Someone is going to get one HELLUVA truck.
Thank you! Your 61 is stunning
Truly a great rig and a great owner. No reservations with the quality and integrity of the truck and seller.

Good luck man. Hope to see you at SAS.
You're the man! Thanks for the words, look forward to seeing you in August also!
This is a steal at $35K.

42601-60361’s seal the deal for me.

Much appreciated Onur, you are definitely one of the guiding forces in my madness, along with @Joe_E
Nate, beautiful 60. I am tempted and your friend who is VW crazy is not helping.
Mr. Moss! I'd gladly drive it cross country and deliver. How is the 40??

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