1 ton chevy axles under fj60

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Jun 22, 2003
when i do my v8 swap i am thinking of putting 1 ton axles under my 60.has anybody seen on done like this?i will be running 44's in the future so i want the extra width and strength.also my stock t-case is stuck in low range.it will go into 2wd and the shaft going into the t-case moves with the linkage.what might of broken?
thanks mike
A guy in my clubs got pretty much the same setup
FJ62 with TBI 350, 39.5 boggers on D60 axles.


http://members.aol.com/mrtlc4x4/images/the 62.jpg
Not much to be wrong internally in the tcase-shift fork could be bent, but I've never seen it, they're pretty stout. It's more likely to have a stuck, never been lubed, bunged linkage...
thanks for the pic yeti :G now i have to find a set of axles.what did he do for steering?was thinking about using a chevy steering box and linkage adapted to the toy colume. chef-the shaft that goes into the t-case moves and the linkage is all in working order.it isnt a big deal as i tow it every where i take it.but hi range would be nice for going trail to trail. thanks guys
when i do the swap it will have a 350,th400 and 205 tcase in it all toy running gear will be gone.we will be moving to florida and 35s wont work in the muck down there.
I am in the process of swapping one ton running gear into my cruiser and plan on reusing the stock FJ60 steering box. As for swapping axles its not too bad if you are using a leaf spring suspension.

If you are planning on running 44" tires you might want to swap a 14 Bolt out back and upgrade the 60 to 35 spline inners and outers. especially if you swap a healthy V8 in there.
look over in the hardcore section...there is a thread or two on 14bolt swaps.

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