1 different spark plug than the rest

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Oct 27, 2003
North Cadillac
I was changing the oil and such on the cruiser this weekend and decided to change the plugs. Apparently the previous owner had changed the plugs, but the plug farthest back (nearest the windshield) was a different brand. So basically he changed 5 and left the original 6th in. Could this cause a problem? ???

different brand or different #'s of the same brand?

Most likely, they purchased new plugs, same heat range, different brand...then, during install, busted one and decided to be lazy and not replace the last one.

If they were all golden tan upon removal, don't sweat it.
Different brand. 5 of them were bosch plat. while the 6th was OEM i think. Don't remember the brand. They all looked dark brown almost black.
glad ya swapped em then!

Make sure you test the wires too...if they are old swap them too.

Distro may need care as well if it has been long neglected.
#6 is difficult to change, maybe the guy chickened out :whoops:
I bet they chickened out...agree with Dan....I changed mine last weekend (NGK Vgrooves) and the last one (closest to windshield) was a bit of a pain because of a heater hose location. You just need a good extension.

Changed plugs and put in K & N filter and can tell a difference in acceleration from about 75mph+.

My plugs were very worn, gaps increased due to wear but showed no oil....etc.

I do not know when they were last changed, PO.

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