1. E

    running york oba air...How long can these run without overheating?

    I cant find any mention of heat or duty cycle. Any help would be great. If it matters I run a 210. Thanks Eric
  2. bryson

    For Sale  York 210 for OBA system SLC, UT

    *****SOLD***** For sale is a York 210 compressor. It spins freely, the clutch engages/disengages properly, and suction and discharge pressure are easily felt at the ports. I do not know it's history, but I was planning to rebuild it as part of my project. It may be usable as-is, but I cannot...

    Wanted  York Bracket/pulley kit for 80 series

    Hello, I am looking for a bracket/mounting solution for a York 210 for my 1997 80. Unfortunately it appears that no one is making these kits any longer. So please if you have one lying around let me know your price. Thanks.
  4. G

    Northern New Jersey or New York LC Mechanic

    All, I live in Paramus NJ. I am looking to find somebody local that is honest and very good at what they do. Car is stock but developed a leak I want solved. Thanks. Rich
  5. Beej

    For Sale  SOLD - York 210 A/C compressor for onboard air

    Hey folks, Bought this to start my OBA project but I'm delaying the project and moving so I'll have to grab another one when I get ready again. This one looks to be in good used shape! I haven't tested it since I bought it on eBay late last year but had every confidence it would work for my...
  6. asutherland

    York 210 + AC on 1HD-T

    Inspired by @themorb 's work, I set about to do the same... shoe-horn a York 210 AC compressor as a kick-ass on board air setup and RETAIN my air conditioning. Living in Kamloops summers with 3 little kidlets I definitely need to keep the AC. Here, AC > OBA. I followed the same blueprints as...
  7. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  Clearing out the garage, bunch of stuff + e-locker. Grand Junction, CO

    Hey all, First, lets wish Woody good luck at Hammer '17 tomorrow. There is a entire community wishing he will be victorious. I am clearing out my garage of all unused parts. Items are listed with all pictures. As stuff gets sold the details will go away. Buy pays shipping cost also if needed...

    Wits' End York On-Board-Air Schematic and Discussion

    I seem to be getting a lot of questions lately about the York OBA setup since I started taking pre-orders on the bracket and pulley kit: Bringing back the York OBA bracket and pulley kit! Rather than writing a novel with each PM or email that comes in or sit on the phone for a good hour trying...

    Bringing back the York OBA bracket and pulley kit!

    Since starting Wits' End last May, the number one thing I keep getting asked to make (other than the battery disconnect, the D-Pillar mount, the second row bug screens, etc etc) is the York bracket and pulley kit. For those of you that have been around long enough you'll remember that I did the...
  10. brakasha

    1RD FE York 210 Compressor Bracket Fabricator?

    Does anyone make/sell the York 210 compressor mounting kit for an FZJ80 anymore? Struggling to find anyone here on the forums or on the TLCA Facebook. Any links or users you could point me toward would be hugely appreciated. Cheers, Colin.
  11. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale  SOLD: York OBA Compressor + 2F Mount + tank (PA)

    On-board air, York compressor w/ 2F mount and air tank. PO had tank mounted at the back of the frame tucked up, so it's dirty but I believe it all works fine. (125 p.s.i.) I think PO pulled the compressor from either a volvo or a saab. Asking $150 for all of it. No shipping. Some pics...
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