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  1. AlbertoSD

    SOLD NIB Wits End Center Console Lock Box 80-series (Tall version)

    I am selling a Wits End Center Console Lock Box for a Land Cruiser 80-series (the tall version). I bought this years and years ago and never got to install it. It has moved with me a couple of times but it is still in like new condition. Asking $240 o.b.o. plus shipping from Colorado...
  2. Outono

    SOLD Wits End Quarter Panel Mount

    Brand new, unopened box. Selling it at retail price. Prefer local pick up in Orange County, CA. Looks like there is a 3 month wait time on these... Price: $360 https://absolute-wits-end.com/quarter-panel-mount-80-series-right-batch-5-pre-order/
  3. Lyle Kilson

    How much axel shaft wear is too much?

    I’m in the middle of my first knuckle rebuild. So far I’ve been learning a ton and it’s been a smooth process. I’m wondering though how much wear is too much wear on axel shafts where the oil seal rides? I purchased the Wits End overdrive seal press tool that overdrives the oil seal 2mm for this...
  4. b4kwav

    Wits’ End? - Resolved

    Hello All, has anyone heard or received a response after sending an email to them? I’ve seen them posting all over IG and here but it’s hard to receive a response via email or PM. Placed an order on June 16, 21 and sent an email on June 24, 21 because I haven’t received a shipping confirmation...
  5. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale 96 Lx450 Turbo

    Helping a buddy of mine find his lx another home. $28k He’s moving into a 200. From the CL post. 1996 Lexus lx450 fuel: gas title status: clean transmission: automatic Located in Richmond KY. Travel to Denver 1996 lx450 with wits end turbo kit. 100% rust free. Triple locked. Chassis has...
  6. FZJ80 named Sue

    SOLD LA / Pasadena | Brand new Wits’ End 80 series (spare) tire leveling kit

    FOR SALE - just installed this, but immediately removed it due to change of plans for my spare. I already painted it, only thing missing is 1 of 2 Zip Ties, but you only need one 😉 $100 (retails at $115 plus tax & shipping) Pick up in LA is preferred or can ship (USA only) via USPS priority at...
  7. Interior Mount Shot of the Fire Extinguisher

    Interior Mount Shot of the Fire Extinguisher

  8. dividedwood

    For Sale USA-NE | Miscellaneous (new) FJ80 parts--plug wires, distributor cap, Wits End knuckle kit, etc.

    Got rid of my FJ80 this year, clearing out some parts I bought but never installed in the truck. All parts are new. Prices do not include shipping. I'll ship via the method of your choice on your dime, unless you buy the bunch, in which case I'll throw in shipping for free to the CONUS. Album...

    Wits' End 60 Series Fire Extinguisher Mount

    While I'm at it, and doing the 60 Series GloveBox AND the 100 Series FEM, I figured I might as well get the 6x series Fire Extinguisher Mount going as well. I've been sitting on this forever and its just time to get these made. Here is where things started. But the main issue was that it was...

    Wanted York Bracket/pulley kit for 80 series

    Hello, I am looking for a bracket/mounting solution for a York 210 for my 1997 80. Unfortunately it appears that no one is making these kits any longer. So please if you have one lying around let me know your price. Thanks.

    Nothing interesting here, just another H55/splitcase into a 74 FJ40

    Had a mudder contact me about helping out with a few items that needed to be done on an FJ40 for a friend of his. I really didn't need the work nor really want to do it. But he was persistent and quite frankly I needed the mental vacation from the 8o Series and general Wits' End stuff. Truck...
  12. RFB



    Wits' End for the 200 World

    Hey folks! I'm usually in the 60 and 80 Series forums but I've had my eye on a 200 Series for some time. I had a neighbor that was going to be selling me his 2009 but that fell thru last Nov so I'll be on the hunt again soon. In the meantime I was trying to figure out what I was going to build...

    Wits' End Accessory Mounting Quarter Panel- need input

    UPDATE: 6-22-2017 Okie dokie folks, I don't have 100% of the details worked out because I had a last minute idea I want to try and include. But I have enough info to set a price and start production within the next week or so. The new metal shop I've been working with has brought up a couple of...

    Wits' End 80 Series OEM Bumper Mounted Rear Tire Carrier (formerly AJIK)

    Well, now that I am about to start shipping out the next batch of York Kits starting on Sat and the Battery Disconnects are just waiting on laser etching, and the rear air tank shelf is in production, I think its time to FINALLY get moving on the Rear Tire Carrier for the 80 Series. This is new...

    80 Series Front Axle Reference shirts by Wits' End

    I have been trying to figure out a new shirt design for nearly a year and it wasn't until I was pouring through the axle cheatsheet that @DARKNESS started and I modified it and redesigned a few things to created a t-shirt design. I am not going to make a huge number of these but if they prove...

    Replaced ARB drawer locks with Medeco locks

    Got a set of ARB drawers about a month ago and slowly going through and changing the thinks I don't like about them. One of the first thing that needed to go were the super basic locks that came with the drawers. Since I have been using Medeco on all of my products it made sense to swap out the...

    On Board Air Kits ala Wits' End...still working out da bugs

    Lots of stuff getting completed and off my plate finally. But lots of hiccups along the way. The York OBA Kits are in shipping purgatory, the SB50 cables are waiting on sleeving, the D-Pillar is waiting on time from machine shop to bust me out another proto, all lockboxes have left the building...

    Wits' End York On-Board-Air Schematic and Discussion

    I seem to be getting a lot of questions lately about the York OBA setup since I started taking pre-orders on the bracket and pulley kit: Bringing back the York OBA bracket and pulley kit! Rather than writing a novel with each PM or email that comes in or sit on the phone for a good hour trying...

    Bringing back the York OBA bracket and pulley kit!

    Since starting Wits' End last May, the number one thing I keep getting asked to make (other than the battery disconnect, the D-Pillar mount, the second row bug screens, etc etc) is the York bracket and pulley kit. For those of you that have been around long enough you'll remember that I did the...
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