1. FJ60Seth

    SOLD FJ60 Windshield Washer Pump

    Removed from a 1983 US spec FJ60. Bottle was cracked. Washer pump is in excellent condition. The small nipple is well attached and not brittle. The rubber grommet is supple with no tears. The small filter screen is complete. I connected it to a 12v battery and it makes a lot of noise. The...
  2. GoPats

    Tip needed: Washer Reservoir Motor Lube

    Anyone have a tip on how to and what to use to try and lube my washer reservoir motor? I managed to free it so now spins around under power, but squeaks a bit so want it to not burn out upon use. Or will washer fluid do it on use?
  3. Desert Dino

    Help: Reconstructing the washer system front, tail and head lights

    It seams the PO was a douchebag. let me rephrase he really was When somthing broke that is not critical he would bypass it When I got my Rig I filled the washer tank with good blue stuff every button i pushed I got water on the front window I read here and searched here all the posts...
  4. Paraglider

    How to remove entire windshield wiper motor and arms

    This pertains to a 40 series Landcruiser. Having just done this and not having found a coherent post about how to do it (i.e., part here and part there and no part anyhere), I thought this might be helpful for others who knew as little as I did before I started. Adam, from Chula Vista, CA, and...
  5. Y

    For Sale FJ40 latemodel windshield washer bottle

    Nib winshield washer bottle, hoses, and hardware for late model 40 series. $25 plus the ride.
  6. veiloctane

    Hard time removing injector washer seal.

    I did my injectors today and had a issue with removing 1 injector seal. I was able to get it out with a lot of effort but I may have caused some damage. I tried to split the washer with a flat head screwdriver to pull it out. I went slowly to try and not damage the surface I stopped before...
  7. 1

    Cone Washer Removal - Need Help

    I'm attempting to service the front axle on my 79 FJ40 but I can't remove 2 of the 4 cone washers that secure the steering arm. I've tried tapping the housing with a hammer, heat with a torch and liquid wrench. I can't get them to break free and I can't get the steering arm to budge with them...
  8. teambell

    Washer fluid leaking - how to access headlight nozzle supply hose?

    I have had a persistent washer fluid leak coming from my front left fender. Today I inspected through a few of the holes at the bottom of the bumper and it appears the leak is coming from a supply hose to the left headlight washer. What is the best way to access that hose? BTW - this link is...
  9. red66toy

    Electric Pressure Washers- found answers

    Found answers in other forum area. Thanks!
  10. alia176

    Permanently mounted high pressure washer system with heater

    Has anyone gone to great lengths at setting up a heated high pressure wash station outside of their garage? I'm talking about using 120/220vac for heater, pump and permanently plumbed in cold water. Basically set up the station on one corner of the garage and then run the hose through the wall...
  11. Economist LC76

    OEM Headlight cleaner washer

    I was surprised that J4 had an OEM headlight cleaner washer That was only in Europe ans only 24V The Scheme I`ve fount only one picture under the hood Probably someone has more detailed photos? It is also interesting how to use it from the cabin, by a standard wiper switch?
  12. aaronrules

    "Aftermarket" washer nozzles

    I searched, but I could find anybody talking about "upgrading" the windshield washer nozzles. This may sound trivial, and it probably is, but while I haven't been diagnosed with OCD and ADHD I am both. I am VERY particular about my windshield being clean. This is something that is hard to do in...
  13. S

    head lamp washer issue - please help

    Hello all, I had my '11 LC undercoated with Krown undercoating yesterday. I didn't notice this issue until today, but the little black tabs on the front bumper that raise up and wash my head lamps are not working and are stuck in the up position. When I press on one end, the other end goes up...
  14. Shes Mad

    For Sale FJ 60 Hard to find washer bottle, tailgate handle, wiper bezels, seatbelt

    Raising money for more parts Washer bottle with pump. Pump checked out. $150 SOLD OEM Tailgate handle-light. Some surface rust inside, treated with rust kill. $175 Windshield wiper bezels. One has small cracks $40 Drivers seat belt in light gray. $40 SOLD Plus shipping
  15. repentsinner

    For Sale [SoCal] Pair FJ60 headlight washer nozzles

    $20 net to me by PayPal, buyer pays shipping from SoCal/90039. If I find any of the hoses for these and they're useful to you I'll throw them in. Thanks for looking!
  16. Malleus

    Windshield washer diverter valve

    I know this has been mentioned before, but I couldn't find any pictures, and since everyone loves pictures... Since spring has come (once again this year) to North Carolina, I decided to do a little PM/RM on the fleet. Both my '94 and '95 leak over the rear window when I use the windshield...
  17. kbFJ60

    For Sale Headlight washer and Momo steering wheel

    Selling a complete headlight washer for a 91-97 land cruiser everything is complete and working switch included and a 365mm Momo steering wheel w/ hub for the land cruiser same years.$300 for the headlight washer and $200 for the steering wheel. Shipping included.Pls PM if you are interested.Tnx
  18. FARMAN33

    Wanted Fj60 Headlight Washer Reservoir

    The one on the driver side fender. Name your price shipped to 77546. Thanks.
  19. T

    LX450 Window washer controller

    Looking for this part and wanting to know the official name of the part. Please advise...
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