1. C123MS

    Wanted  EGR Modulator- 25690-61010

    Looking for an EGR Modulator - 25690-61010. For use in a 1980 FJ40. Thanks.
  2. T

    3F vacuum diagram (AUS) 1988 FJ62

    Hi all, I'm chasing down a potential vacuum issue on my 1988 3F carb (Australia) and my original vacuum line diagram on the air intake has faded to solid white. Anyone here with the same setup got one they can grab a pic of? I've browsed pretty much every site and manual to find one and only...
  3. SgtChase

    Starting FJ60 thats been sitting issues.

    We turned this FJ60 over for the first time in 4 years yesterday, it has New fuel pump/filter Restored gas tank New fuel lines Professionaly redone carb New coolant lines New vacuum lines Blocked off carb heater Idles like poo, fuel cut off solenoid wont work so we have it bypassed on. Only...
  4. A

    Distributor and Vacuum

    Hey All, I am trying to get my FJ60 air tight (Proven to be a headache and a half) and think I have finally done it. I hooked up my smoke tester and all seals seem to be doing their jobs. But, when I crank over the engine and get it up to temp, I am only seeing 14 inHG on the intake manifold...
  5. Gunner56

    Need help!

    Need some assistance identifying a part that seems to be broken in engine bay. It’s attached to the front side of the intake manifold. Couldn’t find it on the descriptions of the intake that I pulled up in FSM.
  6. J

    Alternator vaccum

    Hi all, struggling with an old diesel Toyota hi ace. So the van had no vaccum going to the brake booster and the vacuum pump on the alternator was doing nothing so I replaced the alternator and still no vaccum? Sent the new alternator back and got another new one but still the same thing? All...
  7. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FJ62 Transfer Vacuum Conversion - Parts?

    Hello folks. I am NOT in the process of converting my transfer case from vacuum shift to manual... but I'm hoping that someone who HAS performed this mod still has the vacuum diaphragm sub-assembly laying around. I posted this in the WANTED section of the classifieds (here), but haven't had...
  8. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FOUND! Transfer Case Piece: Vacuum Actuator Cover. FOUND!

    EDIT: SOLVED, FOUND ONE! Lucky me, I took a rock in a perfect place to punch a quarter-sized hole in the piece shown below. It's the vacuum-actuator on my 1989 FJ62. Hoping someone has a totally junk split case laying around and is willing to sell me that cover! There's the option of welding...
  9. Mountainfj

    What did I break?

    I was getting impatient and sloppy and I broke something, can anyone tell me what this is? I broke the little plastic nipple that attaches to the vacuum line.
  10. Mandrew

    Carb issue after reinstalling (California type)

    *edit* I forgot to mention that this is a 1985 FJ60 I just recently cleaned out my carb thanks to the wonderful videos by Pinhead on YouTube. My truck was not passing smog, and after a mechanic refused to work on my carb until I took care of any potential vacuum issues, I am low on funds for...
  11. T

    AC temps not as cold and temps fluctuating

    Last weekend, I made a foolish mistake trying when removing my alternator. I couldn't move what i now know to be the ac compressor far enough out of the way so I disconnected the tube going in to the top of it, result in the ac venting nto the air on my 1990 hdj81. This weekend I rented a...
  12. B

    Desmogged '75 FJ40 vacuum routing help

    I know there are already some good threads on this general topic, but I haven't come across one that seems to cover my exact setup (if you happen to read this and know of an existing thread with answers to my questions, please post a link!). My FJ40 was desmogged by its previous owner, and all...
  13. E

    Should I buy this?

    1983 FJ60 in fair to good condition at a great price. I live in California and my hesitation is as described: "I am selling as is. It was a CA Vehicle before being sold in Oregon at some time where the CA Emissions were pulled off the vehicle. I bought it and put emissions back on. Had it...
  14. Matt1260

    SOR vid - what is that?

    Is that a vacuum gauge at 1:48, or? Is that considered a steady vacuum if it is?
  15. antigravity

    Antigravity's FJ60: Video Build series

    I wanted to get a thread started to show all you good people my project. Another Project Rusty (seems like there are more than a few) I am going to document this series in Video form, with pictures as needed (pretty much only for you mud people) And here is a kick-off video. My buddy and I...
  16. LittleRedWgon

    FJ60 2F Bi Metal Valve Question

    Need some help...85 FJ60 2F My bi metal valves were trashed....I found the Violet one online and got it. But I ordered the Pink one and got the blue one in the middle? I also found another Pink one online and purchased it just in case.... Does anyone know if the Blue one will work in place of...
  17. mattressking

    NOS 60-series Vacuum Modulator on eBay

    Interesting find on eBay. Price is high, but pretty cool nonetheless. 25870-61011 - Valve Assy - for Toyota No...I'm not Amanda
  18. B1oodyBuzzard

    Early 80 desmog

    I know there are multiple threads on desmog and vacuum line routing, but I haven't seen a diagram I make sense of yet or pictures that match what I'm seeing. Attached are pictures with the ports and hoses numbered and I was hoping to have someone help me connect the "dots".
  19. UncleSaj

    Vacuum line size

    Does anyone know what size the vacuum lines are that control the butterfly valve to kill the engine? in mm please, outside diameter. I have a leak and need to order some new lines but not sure what size to order. THanks!
  20. PJ40

    Vacuum advance question

    So I recently lost the timing on my 40, but realigned it, BB lined up and she actually starts stronger than before. Problem I'm having now is when I attach the vaccum advance and hit the throttle she stumbles like a drunk bridesmaid with one heel on. Any advice?
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