1. J

    Exhaust rubbing on u-joint due to unknown broken part (pictures incl.)

    Does anyone know what this part is? The exhaust pipe in the middle is grinding against the u-joint. And noticed the exhaust was sagging lower than it should. Then noticed that this piece was broken. Anyone know the name of it and how to replace?


    TOYO Universal Joint TOYO is an excellent quality universal joint with features like: -Internal seal for Japanese applications -High durability -High performance grease and nipples -All 100% made in Japan Application: 60 series front and rear (except pre-85 with double cardan joint, only 1...
  3. S

    U-joint issue or driveshaft failure

    Hi I have a 99 LC with 230k in low speeds around 20mph you can hear a clicking. On the highway the whole car vibrates very badly you can feel the vibration in the seat also. I'm thinking its bad U joints but I'm not sure.
  4. ZRotheohv

    So... are the 80's u-joint holes tapered or not?

    I've been reading up about changing u-joints in my front driveshaft, and half of the posts suggest pushing the cups in, and half of them suggest pushing on the sides of the yoke (or using a tiger tool). The proponents of pushing on the sides claim that the holes are tapered and the cups should...
  5. pardion

    For Sale [CA] FJ55/60/62 Steering U-Joint

    New steering shaft Toyota u-joint $ 27.00 shipped Please PM Thanks, John
  6. ThatMacGuy

    Front Right Wheel Grinding

    Over the weekend I took a trip in the 80 to go visit my son. We got about 150 miles from home and the front right wheel started making some noise. It was 30 degrees outside and there was ice everywhere; perfect time for a drivetrain issue. I was running late so I parked it at Enterprise and...
  7. on3i11s

    Trouble greasing u-joint

    Hey guys, I didn't really feel this was post worthy but after searching online and on the forum I wasn't able to find anything relevant to my problem. Problem: Today I greased my u-joints using a grease gun I purchased from NAPA but I was unable to grease the "2nd from the rear" u-joint. My...
  8. C

    Wanted FJ40 REAR DRIVE SHAFT, '74-84

    Looking for a complete (including u-joints and yoke flanges) rear drive shaft from a 74-84 FJ40. The yoke flange bolthole measurements are: 60x68.5mm and 11mm bolt hole diameter. I live in Northern California-Sacramento Area. PM if you've got one you're willing to part with along with condition...
  9. P

    Pinion leak - vibration

    Hi gang, have a 94, locked, with 196K miles. Started getting a pretty steady vibration at moderate speed (on acceleration from about 25-45mph) and also have a bit of squeal coming from the front pinion/output shaft. its not horrendous vibration and it subsides as soon as i ease off the gas...
  10. G60Patrol

    For Sale FJ40 Spider kit in Grand Junction, CO $25

    SOLD SOLD SOLD New toyota OEM spider kit for FJ40 and some 4Runner and Sequoia models. Part# 04371-36030 - please confirm these will fit your application. Two units for sale @ $25 ea.
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