1. B

    2018 TTR Events and Runs

    August ? : Trip to visit Toyota Factory Host: TTR Location: San Antonio, TX Sept 7-9th: Fall Crawl (TLCA event) Host: Tornado Alley Cruisers Location: SMORR @ MO Fall Crawl 2018 - Sept 7 - 9th Sept 28-30th: Big Paw Crawl for a Reason Host: BaerTrax Location: BMRA @ Gilmer, TX Oct ...
  2. LC200ER

    Seattle region intermediate off-roading location

    Hello fellows, I have a 2018 LC200 and I am looking for places to test my rig. Any recommendation of 4x4 locations near Seattle that doesn't have clearance requirements? Thanks
  3. ztingrey

    North East! (Quebec, New Hampshire, Vermont) Trail Questions

    Hello, I am going to School in Montreal, and Drove my 80 over from Nevada I am looking for some trails in Quebec/Vermont/New Hampshire! It seems to be really difficult to find information about trails in the area. Thank you so much and if you see a Green cruiser with Nevada plates feel free to...
  4. chris777

    My article about the Hole in the Rock Trail in Toyota Trails

    my article about my trip to the Hole In the Rock Trail, in Utah was published in Toyota Trails magazine, page 28. Check it out! Toyota Trails - May/June 2017 Issue
  5. Steeler58

    Rubicon Don Toyota Trails

    Great writeup featuring Don in this months Toyota Trails. Congratulations Don!!
  6. jmylie

    trails near Burlington VT

    Are there any trails near Burlington VT? Forest service roads in the Green Mountain National Forest? Thanks, Joe
  7. farmerjoe

    Some pics of a basically stock 100 (LX470) on trails

    Was out at Hidden Falls TX last weekend with some Jeep friends. Delighted with how well the truck did. It Creeped perfectly over some of the steps that the other trucks stumbled on. Funny how surprised the heavily modded Jeepers were, both at the performance and the fact I'd take it on trails...
  8. Walter the fj80

    Trails near Issaquah

    Hey guys I own a 1997 fzj80 and I am looking for trails near me in issaquah. My dad and I love fly fishing and we have found some spots in northbend but I feel like there is a wealth of knowledge here and was asking for some help finding these hidden gems. Thank you.
  9. fourtrax

    Uwharrie Work Day Sat 3/25 - Last one before trails open.

    This Saturday is the last work day before the trails open, and there is some work that still needs to be completed on our ONSC sponsored trail (Dicky Bell). Saturday looks like a good day for outside work - Cloudy and in the low 70's. Hope to see you there Eric Update from Terry -...
  10. iptman

    Need help designing an ad for Trails for our swap meet

    Hey everyone, I'd like to get an ad in Toyota Trails for our swap meet September 23rd. We can get a half page ad free for the next 3 issues but I need to get it in within the next 2 weeks. As long as we can get someone to commit to doing this I'll ask Stan to reserve a spot for us. Please...
  11. L

    Easy Utah Trails

    Hi there, I may be in Utah with a bone stock 07 GX this summer. Any mild scenic trails I could do within a few hours of SLC? Not looking for anything extreme (i.e. don't want to dig myself out) and will not have camping gear. Seems like a "DUH" question but we have only been to Arches and Zion...
  12. jmylie

    Toyota Trails - YT missing

    I received the Jan/Feb issue of Toyota Trails and Yankee Toys is not listed in the chapter directory. Are we no longer associated with TLCA or is this just an oversight? Joe
  13. E

    New 100 owner in Central TX looking for trails

    Picked up my first cruiser (98') a few weeks ago and am looking to start getting to know my vehicle. I am completely new to the world of off-roading so I am looking for some trails to get a newcomer comfortable in the Central Texas area. Rig is bone stock but I have removed the running boards...
  14. David70FJ40

    Toyota Trails

    The magazine is here! On the cover, Rafael!
  15. KliersLC

    Uwharrie Trails Open or Closed

    Hi Folks, Quick question on the status of the trails--website says they are open, it also says they close on Dec 15th--just curious which is accurate. If closed, is there anything else in the general area that is good for some light wheeling? I saw that @Izzyandsue had a recent trip, curious...
  16. woytovich

    Primer on Rubicon & Fordyce Creek Trails

    So a few of us from "out east" are in the early planning stages of a trip out to "out west" for Rubithon 2018 (or maybe 2019 even) and it has been suggested that we might want to run Fordyce Creek as well. I wanted to get a sense of how those trials work out on a practical level. We are used to...
  17. E

    Puerto Rico Anyone?

    Hey Folks, New to the forum and to wheeling (complete noob). I spend half the year in PR and would love to link up with some local heads to get to know the trails and explore the country. I brought with me a 94 80 series and have yet to do much more than run a beach or two and roll up to Cerro...
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