1. B

    Trailer Brake controller

    Has anyone tried this brake controller on a FZJ80? Tekonsha 90250 Prodigy RF Electronic Brake Control Link
  2. ColoradoSequoia

    Timbrens - work great for towing but... (FYI and advice needed)

    I tow a 5,500 dry weight travel trailer with my `13 LC. Without the AHC of the LX (and my previous 2nd gen Sequoia), I added Timbrens SES to level the ride and add additional support to the rear. Install: Install was straightforward. Removed existing bump stops on the frame and added the...
  3. HDJdreams

    Cruiser Brothers WAT valve body?

    @orangefj45 Did the 200 notice any improvement in MPG? How was it modded (gears/tires/weight)? My 2013 is heavily armored on 285/75R17s (33-34”) with stock gears and gets 12-13 mpg. I have a set of time 4.88s that will be going in soon, that will give it close to the same effective ratio as...
  4. HDJdreams

    Cruiser Brothers WAT valve body for A343F?

    Has anyone got the HD Nomad (Wholesale Automatic Transmissions) valve body kit VB5-343 (A343F paired to 1FZ) from Cruiser Brothers? I found one thread from a couple of years ago with 5 posts...
  5. cru1s3r

    SOLD  Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller + Harness

    I purchased this Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller and the custom wiring harness from eTrailer last September with the goal of using it in my 200 series Land Cruiser. However, I could not find a satisfactory place to mount it, so wound up purchasing and installing the Redarc unit...
  6. B

    Low RPM transmission stutter - towing

    Towed a uhaul 12x6 uhaul trailer loaded with about 1750 pounds of cargo. Ran from Dallas to Springfield MO. About 400 Miles. Truck ran fine and I used ETC Power for the tow to tighten up the TC. I noticed in the latter part of the trip that if I gave it the throttle it needed for a quick climb...
  7. CBPO

    Pulling out an 18 Wheeler with my FJ Cruiser

    I finally got around to uploading this video from last year. Enjoy!
  8. B

    Cleaning out the garage (Depo lights, WD hitch, 80 springs) MA

    Sold my 80 series a while back and have a few parts left over. Depo clear corners and bumper lights: $50 or best offer 80 series stock springs: free picked up Reese RP66082 weight distribution hitch with sway control: $250 or best offer Blackwatch racing small tire bags: $50 or best offer
  9. purdytj

    Reverse camera switch splice???

    Hi all, has anyone tried finding a wire to splice into to have the reverse camera on with a switch on the dash (or center console) in addition to when the gear selector is in reverse? I'd be OK with the reverse lights coming in as well when I switch it on. This function would be for off roading...
  10. W

    For Sale  16' Car Trailer Mooresville NC $1,500

    16 foot car trailer custom frame and upgraded axles. Brand new rims and tires. New led lights all around. Accepts a 2" ball $1,500 obo 9seven3-7zero3-98one9 1974 FJ 40 $9,750 08 Ford F350 $20,000
  11. KUpchu9702

    100 series rear bumper rated for towing?

    I am looking for an off-road rear bumper that can tow up to the 100's towing capacity of 6500 lbs. I presently have a Slee rear bumper with swingouts. It has a receiver on it, but Slee does not rate it, therefore no idea of what it is capable of towing. Does anyone know of anything available to...
  12. spaldam

    Flat Towing an '07 Auto FJ Cruiser 4x4

    I've got an '07 automatic tranny, and am looking at what it takes to flat tow it behind a C class. Looks like it can be done, and all I should have to do it disconnect the rear-drive shaft while leaving the tranny in park, and the transfer case in "H". However, it looks like I still need a lot...
  13. Assassin

    2005 Tacoma towing lights issue :((((

    i have a 2005 Tacoma 4 door long bed 4x4......several years ago towing my pop up camper on a 3000 mile trip . The towing lights stopped working ( long trip with no tail lights on camper). Check all fuses etc. Could never trace the problem down. So i bought the etailer kit tied into the taillight...
  14. Dashash

    HJ47 Towing Capacity

    Gents, Please forgive me...I tried the search function to no avail... What is the towing capacity of an HJ47? Does it change if said HJ47 is equipped with a 12HT motor? Does anybody here have experience towing with the old troopy? Thanks!
  15. MoabChris

    Towing an FJ40 w TH-350 Automatic?

    Alright forum experts. I have a 76 FJ40 land cruiser that I need to deliver 1,000 miles away. I trailered it on a uhaul trailer 500 miles with my wife's Honda Pilot a few months ago. Mainly because i didn't think it would make it on its own. I was in a bind and just did it. That seemed to...
  16. bwell

    Thoughts on towing car trailer with wheel spacers.

    Any opinions or thoughts against towing with wheel spacers installed. If you have, them please share experiences
  17. buggyboy7

    KZJ95W Towing Capacity

    Hello 90ers Can anyone tell me what the towing capacity is for a 1996 KZJ95W Prado? Thanks
  18. gomotomoto

    My 08 LC only appears to have the towing package, but things are not adding up.

    I installed a brake controller and a 7 pin (hopkins) female for the purpose of towing an airstream. It's all hooked up, but not communicating with the trailer, confirmed with test light/om meter. My 08 has the hitch, and female wiring adapters for the 7 pin harness, but is it possible it's not...
  19. D

    Towing with the LX

    So this happened. We have a custom made teardrop thingie, with a RTT on top of it. New LX, time to take a little trip to the North Rim. Hooked up my Max Coupler, and then.... wtf? did Lexus forget to install the 7 pin connector?? Got down on my back to really look and there it was, tucked way...
  20. Vanny

    Air Bag Helpers

    So we finally picked up the trailer we've thought about for 3 or 4 years. Even though it weighs a little less than 2300 lbs I think once I load it the 80 will be sitting low in the back. I am wondering if adding air bag help in the coil will reduce the capability of the cruiser off road. Don't...
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