1. mesa man

    Death Valley fj40 article!

    Got toyota trails? Check out my first published article for TT. I had an amazing time on this overland adventure!Toyota Trails - November/December 2018 Issue P.S. Always have a fire extinguisher ready! :steer:
  2. PabloVTA

    Rubithon 30th

    Hey there, not sure if anyone even reads these posts or not, I'm wondering how many from Ventura County will be heading up to the 30th Rubithon this summer. I'm planning on it with my now 10 year old son. Saw Ron on the road last weekend in his white 4Runner, reminded me of the group and...
  3. Bodean

    TLCA Membership

    I recently submitted the yearly TLCA chapter in good standing form and realized that a lot of our members are not TLCA members. Although TLCA membership is not required to be a part of our club we do encourage membership in our parent club. Membership gets you a subscription to Toyota Trails...
  4. AlaskanWheeler

    New ERA TLCA Stretch fit caps

    Anyone from TLCA thought that a simple cap with the classic TLCA logo on the front be a good seller? I for one would buy them... Stretch - Products | New Era
  5. Mrs Hulk


    Join your fellow TLCA members for an upcoming event in 2017! Check back often as more dates and details will be added. The most current information can be found on 14th Annual Lone Star Land Cruiser Roundup March 16 – 19, 2017 K2 Rocks, Mason, Texas TLCA Open Event hosted by...
  6. leucadiacruiser

    Los Coyotes Day Run - Saturday, September 19

    Who's in?
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