1. Shawl

    For Sale Northern IN/West MI, MT Classic 15x8 wheels and BFG All Terrain T/A 33x10.5x15 Tires

    Selling a set of four MT Classic 15x8 wheels with like-new BFG All Terrain T/A 33x10.5x15 tires. These came on my 82 FJ60 when I purchased it a few months back. The PO had put the tires on just before selling, I estimate they have less than 1500 miles on them. The wheels are in good shape with...
  2. 7

    For Sale NorCal (Bay Area): 100 Series OEM Wheels 16x8

    Selling 5 OEM wheels from my 99 Landcruiser. 16x8. Includes caps. Probably won't ship. $500 OBO
  3. dnbsocal

    SOLD Portland, OR: Hankook Dynapro HP2 M+S 265 60 18

    $420 - Set of 4 tires with only 2465 miles on a CPO 2020 GX 460. Available for pickup in Portland, OR (no shipping). Practically brand new tread depth. According to Hankook website, 65k mileage expected and excellent wet and dry performance. Bought my GX in August 2022 at South Bay Lexus...
  4. YellowJacket

    For Sale UT: 33x12.50R16 Sexy Super Swamper

    Brand new, never mounted or in the sun/weather. 33x12.50R16 Super Swamper Trxus M/T Radial. R-BKBW-RXM-07R Retail ~$380 For Sale to a MUD guy at $180. Provo, UT
  5. Rob Daman

    SOLD SoCal : qty 1 Toyo AT3 285/70R17 New

    new tire I bought as a spare that was waiting for wheel never mounted or used. It's a over year old but again new. $150 picked up in Orange County CA.
  6. tyranny2k

    SOLD Yokahama GEOLANDAR A/T G015 - SIZE: 275/70R16

    Nearly new full set of 4 Yokohama Geolander A/Ts (275/70R16) . Great all around tire. Have been on my mountain and beach 80 Series for over a year. This truck sits most of the time awaiting adventure. They probably have 2-5k on them. Truck is undergoing a build and I pulled these off to put a...
  7. JB Mitchell

    Looking for hitch that doesn't block spare tire well access (100 series)

    Recently, I bought new 275/70/18 (33 inch) and found out that I cannot get the spare into the tire well because the hitch interferes. The well, of course, is rounded but the hitch receiver is more square so the bar protrudes into the way of fitting the spare tire up in the well. I bought these...
  8. metzcloud

    Wanted MN/Midwest - Looking for a single 33" x 10.5 R15 spare

    I am looking for an MT Style 33x10.5 R15 for a spare tire need. I am open to other types of tires of the same size. Recently won some Toyo Open Country MTs and looking for a same size 5th to complete, no rush, but would be nice to match. I would prefer something close but open to paying...
  9. Baja73

    Wanted Passenger side spare tire carrier

    I am looking for a passenger side spare tire carrier. Color not important. I am looking for one that does not have rot. I don’t need the hinge parts or the clasp. Show me what you have. I am in Central Florida. Thank you.
  10. G

    For Sale Wheels and tires LC200 2010

    LC200 Wheels and tires Oem Land cruiser 2010 OrlAndo FL 800$ 7864772876 text me. Speak Spanish
  11. D

    SOLD Set OEM 16” Chrome wheels + Spare from 2001 LX470 - Ventura County, CA

    I have a set of OEM 16” Wheels + the spare off of my 2001 LX470. I took some steel wool to the chromed wheels and they cleaned up pretty well, but there are still some imperfections from being on a 20 year old rig, the un-chromed spare wheel looks great. Personally I would have the wheels...
  12. N

    For Sale Middle TN, Wheels and Snow Tires for 1998-2007 LX 470

    Just bought a '98 LX 470 and it came with snow tires and factory 16" wheels. Tires are 265/75-R16 Cooper Discoverer M+S. Two are new with almost 100% of treat, the other two look like they have 50% of tread left. Some oxidation/corrosion on the barrels of the wheels, face of wheels range from...
  13. charlieblues

    Tacoma Wheels good subs for '92 80?

    Found these wheels, 15" Toyota Tacoma OEM wheels and tires, listed online and wondering if they should fit my LC? At the moment the wheels are mismatched and I am looking to get a matching set. $600 for the set I think it's a good idea but maybe I'm missing something.... 🤔
  14. S

    Spare Tire setup

    Just a quick little thing I’m curious about. I’ve seen some people put their spares and air compressors and things in the back of their 80 rather than the removable seats, but usually that involves adding things to the car in order to hold the tire down. My question is does anyone have a setup...
  15. fiend

    Wheel and Tire combo? PLS HELP!!

    I found this 80 Series on Youtube with the coolest wheel/tire combo. I'm gonna link the video. if anyone has any ideas let me know.
  16. ElTeaKay

    SOLD Austin: New Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 285 60r18 Tires

    Two (2) new Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 tires taken off factory new Toyota Land Cruiser. Both tires look the same, so I removed the bag from only one for the photo to keep them clean. Happy to answer any questions or take more photos if needed. Size is 285 60r18 $295 for both. Local pickup but...
  17. jdlsantos

    For Sale Katy, Texas, Nitto Terra Grapplers AT 315/75/16 (4)

    Set of four Nitto Terra Grapplers 315/75/16 Many miles on them, are all 4 at about 30% tread. some are better than others. No plugs, no patches Asking $200 for all 4, located in Katy, Texas, 77494. (local pickup only) Price reduced $150 or OBO
  18. nomadcruisers

    Wanted Seattle Area: Looking for 33x10.5 R15 tires to buy or trade

    Title says most of it. I'd consider buying the full wheelset or just the tires. If you're interested in trading, I have 5 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT's for sale. Just bought them a few days ago but they're 31x10.5 R15's and with the lift on my rig, I'd prefer to go back to 33's. They're mounted...
  19. RyanJMU

    SOLD Central Coast, CA - 100 Series OEM 18 inch Silver Wheels (04 Land Cruiser) with BF Goodrich KO2 305/65R18

    Hi everyone! I am looking to sell this set of four beautiful OEM 100 series Landcruiser 18-inch wheels with BFG K02 305/65R18 with a good amount of tread on them (only 15k miles on them). Other than a broken center cap on one of the wheels (see pics) these are in great shape. Local pickup is...
  20. Overlandlc200

    First Post - Need Help with Tire Rub

    I am the new owner of a 2020 Land Cruiser. This is my first post although I have spent more time on this site than I care to admit. My tires are rubbing on the trail (and sometimes even when I pull into my driveway). I don't know the terminology however the front two tires hit on on the body...
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