1. H

    Tire Wear Diagnosis and Fix

    I have a 1991 HDJ81 with stock size 31x10.5r15 Bridgestone tires that came with the vehicle when we bought it back in November of 2016. In the last year or so all four tires have developed tire wear that I'm having trouble determining the cause (and what to do to fix it). Our tires are due for...
  2. Paulrotterdam

    Recommended tyre pressure HZJ75 on different surfaces

    I have been looking in the owner manual and on the bfgoodrich site, but can't really get a clear answer on what pressures to run in different conditions. What are your best practices & recommendations? 1996 HZJ75 troopy with an aluminium flip top roof, full camper interior, 80L water tank...
  3. Fuentesfranko

    Wanted FJ45LV 67' spare tire carrier "wing nut" and retaining plate

    Anyone has a spare one of these spare cearrier wing nut and plate/bracket that would be willing to part with it? Thank you very much!
  4. CruiseLanderAZ

    Anyone running new Cooper AT3 XLT, LT, 4s?

    For those who haven't heard, Cooper just came out with a few derivatives of the AT3 tire. Has anyone picked up a set yet? If so what do you think? New tire line AT3 4s AT3 LT AT3 XLT
  5. S

    New tire time/59# LT33 too heavy for Colorado?

    It's new tire time and I don't know if another 33" LT tire is a good idea. Hankook Dynapro ATM LT285/75/16 E is available for $718 installed but they weigh 59 pounds each! To compare, a stock p275/70/16 Michelin M/S weighs 39pounds. The discount tire guy said the oil companies put the dynapro...
  6. bwell

    100 series ko2 owners - Quick question.

    Are anyone else's tires doing this? The actual carcass where the tread lugs are molded from are separating and cracking like this. I've never had a tire that wasn't exceptionally old or dry rotted from age do this. This set is maybe two and a half years old, roughly 20k miles and was a...
  7. Look ma, no wheels!

    Look ma, no wheels!

  8. 96TrailSurfer

    Calculating Tank Size for Onboard Air?

    Perhaps of our ubiquitous rain, I got tired of hooking up my Viair 400P directly to the battery and decided to go with onboard air with ARB CKMA12. What I am trying to figure out now is the the size of the air tank required so I can fill all four tires in a minimum time. Either the tank will...
  9. KraziAzn

    For Sale SOLD

  10. L

    For Sale OEM 17" 4Runner SR5 wheels & Bridgestone Dueler tires 265/70/17; SoCal

    For sale used OEM 17" 4Runner SR5 wheels & Bridgestone Dueler HT tires 265/70/17. Removed from a 2015 4Runner at 22k miles. No TPMS sensors or lugs. $300 OBO, will consider any legitimate offer :) Prefer local sale in Orange County, CA
  11. LCReunion

    Best non-winter-only tire for my LC in Utah

    So I bought my LC while living in Arkansas. Had Michelin LTX M/S2's on it. Picked up an extra set of wheels and put some Falken WildPeak MT's on them for the muddy/Rocky terrain in Arkansas. Now I'm in SLC area...have to think of winter tires. I know those Michelins will be ok in the snow, and...
  12. flintknapper

    Tire chains for on road use....school me please

    Yes, I know its the dead of summer. My Daughter is an RN and does 'Travel Nursing'. Her newest assignment will have her in Colorado from now....right on through the winter months. She will be in the Boulder/Denver area and no doubt will want to explore the State some. So that means 'Tire...
  13. 4dmalamute

    Wanted Rear tire carrier for FZJ80 needed

    I am looking to purchase a used rear tire/bumper carrier for my 1994 FZJ80. If anyone is parting out or wanting to sell theirs please let me know. I am located in Sacramento Ca. and can drive a couple hundred miles if need be. Cheers!
  14. Matt1260

    Wanted Spare Tire Carrier Catch

    Does anyone have one of these RH spare tire catches they'd want to part with?
  15. derekb41

    For Sale OEM 100 series 16" wheel with Dueler A/T (St. Louis, MO)

    For sale is a single OEM 100 series 16" wheel with 285/75-16 Dueler A/T Revo with more than 50% of tread remaining. $125 Located in St. Louis, MO
  16. M

    Wanted 1 (one) Lexus LX450 wheel (bay area)

    I'm looking to replace my missing spare on my 1996 LX450. condition doesn't need to be great since this is just the spare. happy to pay shipping to CA. thanks
  17. Hilndr1701

    For Sale Hitch Mounted Swingout Spare Tire Carrier

    $500.00 OBO. Custom heavy duty swingout hitch mounted spare tire carrier. Works great without any wobble or play. Based on the Wilco design, works with 2" hitch. Great for the weekend warrior. This is not an official Wilco but a custom made item based on their design made with thicker steel. It...
  18. L

    Recommended tire pressure for OEM tires?

    I recently took possession of a 2017 LC, with Dunlop AT23 tires. Despite the door placard indicating 33 p.s.i. front and rear, the vehicle came with 40 p.s.i. in the front, and 38 p.s.i. in the rear. My first thought was you #$%% hillbillies at the dealership (we've had a few other issues)...
  19. Jeffroehrick

    Tire Rub?

    I've got a FJ60 with a Ironman 2 1/2 inch lift on it. I'm wanting to put on 33'x12.5 on it, will it rub when I'm on the trail?
  20. S

    Wanted 80 Series Spare Tire Winch

    *** FOUND ONE *** Guy's, I'm looking for a good used 80 Series Spare Tire Winch... PM me if you can help.. $ 25.00 Thanks, Sharky
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