1. G

    Wanted  80 series tie rod

    I'm in need of an 80 series tie rod ASAP. please PM me if you have one and how much you want
  2. B

    Tie rod threads, which end is which

    I know one side is left hand and one side is ride hand threads which is which coming up empty on searches Thanks
  3. AppleTech

    Tie Rod - Factory Bend or Straight?

    Just replaced my TREs on my 80 and noticed my tie rod has a slight crook in it. Is this for differential clearance or is it supposed to be straight? Better to know now so I can easily remove the TREs without a pickle fork. Thanks in advance! -Phil

    Cost to replace front tie rods in the '88 FJ62

    The mechanic gave me an estimate of $475 (parts & labor) to replace all 4 front tie rods. Does this price look fair?
  5. NMC_EXP

    Screws IPO Bolts For Tie Down Ring?

    I want to add two pairs of gear tie-down rings to the cargo bay floor of the FJ60. Two of the locations are right over the boxed in floor support immediately aft of the wheel arches so no bolt thru. The other two points I can drill thru the floor and use bolts. Question #1: Does anybody know...
  6. grcthird

    Inner Tie Rod Ends and Lifts

    In the middle of doing some work on a 100 and noticed something you guys may want to know. I replaced a rack and pinion with a reman unit, remans come with inner tie rod ends already installed. I screwed the outer on and noticed it was lacking the range of motion the original had, as in...
  7. Swannie

    Pitman Arm Tie Rod End for Saginaw steering

    Looking for some assistance!!! I am replacing both ends of my tie rod and of my drag link on my 76 - 40 Series with NAPA parts for that year. The only one not matching up, of coarse, is the tie rod end that connects to my saginaw steering pitman arm. Can someone point me in the right...
  8. White Stripe

    Interesting tie rod ends

    Never seen this before...
  9. LittleRedWgon

    Best Tie Rod End --Kits

    Hey Gang, Just looking for a few suggestions on were the best tie rod end kits are?? SOR? Man-a-Fre? Cruiser Corps?? any suggestions would be sweet! Thanks
  10. joekatana

    For Sale  555 Tie Rod kits for FJ60/FJ62/HJ60/HJ61 LHD

    ALL 3 ARE SPOKEN FOR. I have 3 sets of made in Japan 555 Tie rod kits for 60 series trucks. These are selling online for over a 100$ plus shipping. Super deal at 85$ including shipping in the lower 48
  11. SMG

    SOLD  "SOLD" 1.250" DOM TIe Rod with ends

    This is a threaded 1.250" DOM tie rod with FJ40 555 Japanese tie Rod ends. This was installed on my 76 FJ40 but never used. Everything is new besides being painted. I decided to do a Large pattern Knuckle swap with FJ80 ends. The jam nuts and tie Rod are drilled for safety wire. $60 plus...
  12. NNVATXFJ80

    Tie Rod Install

    Hey everyone, I am going to be installing a new tie rod and ends (from Marlin) tomorrow, and I haven't been able to find which way to install it in terms of which side gets the left hand thread end. Any insights? Thanks! Josh
  13. 65swb45

    SOLD  Section 120-OEM Tie rod ends, SoCal

    Genuine Toyota tie rod ends. Fit 64-83 FJ40, 45, and the 68-80FJ55. They are for the main steering rod. $120/pr shipped. No PMs please.
  14. 63cruiser

    63 FST Tie Rod, Fuel Sending Unit, Brake and Tailight Issues

    Working on repairs to a 1963 40FST. This is my first 40 and i am not a mechanic. From what i can tell, 1963 was complicated for the 40's. I have attached a picture. From what i can tell, i have the dual sided turn signals, black face instrument cluster, aftermarket heater, no badging other...
  15. 80FZJ

    Fj40 Tie Rod Length Spec

    Hi I'm replaced tie rod ends on my '73 FJ40. In doing so I did not measure the entire length of the old one before disassemble. Now after installed the new tie rod ends I don't know the exact length. My 40 is all factory stock suspensions and tires. Does anyone know the length from one end...
  16. J

    Which tie rod puller...?

    I have an OME steering stabilizer enroute to me. I've done some searching but I can't seem to find a recommendation for a specific tie rod puller to use for removing the old stabilizer. Seen the OEM and the OTC brands recommended, can anyone give me a model number for one that will work?
  17. darwink1

    For Sale  fj60 to fj40 steering links and tie rod ends

    Feeler for now since everything is still on the truck but i ordered new steering for the 40 and the old set up needs a new home. Meant for a 40 with fj60 axles and power steering box (drag link is 1.5" shorter compared to a stock 60 link, relay is stock 60 length), would include all four stock...
  18. S

    Tie rod ball joint

    So I'm attempting to rebuild my knuckles for the first time. I'm trying to separate the tie rod ROM the knuckle arm by pressing up in the tie rod and knocking the knuckle free. It wasn't working. So I used a ball joint seperater. As soon as I whacked it one time, a bunch of grease came out. I'm...
  19. F

    For Sale  Shock Towers, Tie Rod and RT steering arm - Roseburg, OR USA

    Pulled from a 1970 fj40 Tie Rod $45 plus shipping Pair Shock Towers $50 plus shipping (Both have a little surface rust but are solid, can be easily cleaned up.) Right Side Steering Knuckle Arm - $25 plus shipping Located in Roseburg, Or. Local pickup would be great but I don't mind...
  20. Markuson

    Drawer Tie-Downs on Sterioids

    Overkill? Probably. But solid as a rock, and super versatile for any number of individual items like fridge, boxes, microwave (yes, I'm running one after a win with a high power inverter), or temporary things like wheelchairs ( I know all about how rattle and slide-prone wheelchairs are!). You...
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