throttle position sensor

  1. nahtanoj

    2000 LC Transmission Failure at 50k (50,381) Miles

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know a trustworthy transmission shop in the Trinidad, CO area? I'm on a road trip and my LC decided to s*** the bed... I was going uphill on the highway at ~70mph and ~4k RPM when she suddenly lost power to the wheels, redlined to about 5.5k, and started making a weird...
  2. M

    1991 FJ80 3FE TPS Readings, Troubleshooting

    Got a 41 code the other day on my '91 along with rough running/loss of power followed by sudden return of power. Pulled TB to clean (fair amount of carbon build up), and TPS to test. Set up TPS according to manual (was about a hair off at 0.93mm between IDL-E2 - set, tightened screws, and...
  3. Chachi254

    1FZ-FE Cranks but won’t turn over without starter fluid, then drives fine.

    Hey mudders, Having what I believe is a throttle position sensor issue, but I’m not sure... Here’s what’s going on: My car started and was running fine per usual, then I hopped on the interstate and floored it hard until I reached about 85mph. I turned off of the interstate and floored it...
  4. thatcabledude

    SOLD  (FL) 1fzfe throttle body/ IAC / TPS

    Throttle body off a great running 94 FZJ80. Has the IAC valve and TPS sensor still attached. $60 plus shipping from Florida (32433) Also have a 2nd working IAC valve I had as a spare. $25 plus shipping. Thanks
  5. TydilFJ62

    Fj62 trouble code 41

    im sure there are already some threads on it but I'm have a hard time fining them. I'm getting a code for my throttle position sensor does anyone have any tips or tricks or do's and dont's before I dive into troubleshooting this the hard way? It's also showing a water temp sensor signal fault...
  6. FranceJohnson

    3-FE Throttle Position Sensor Reading

    My truck has not been herself after a HG replacement last year. Like a Land Cruiser should, it still fires up each time, and plugs along like champ. I know how this engine feels when its happy, and it is not there yet. I wanted to check the TPS sensor, since I am not certain if it was checked...
  7. lumpy70

    School me on Throttle Position Sensor (1993 HDJ81)

    So I'm getting an error code 41 from my O/D light, and I don't have torque converter lockup since my injection pump rebuild. The Error Code 41 is: Throttle Position Sensor. I did the resistance test on it and it ohms out ok. The wiring harness seems ok, and I've already (foolishly) replaced...
  8. A

    Throttle position sensor plug

    Mine disintegrated. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? Thanks.
  9. A

    Throttle Position Sensor

    I just got halfway thru a TPS check and it started pouring rain. I checked the fully closed and fully open positions. They are within spec. My question, has anyone ever heard of TPS being partially out of spec? My guess would be yes, but ... Thanks
  10. vicious77

    throttle position sensor voltage reading 1hd-ft

    dear fellows i want to adjust my TPS of hdj81 1hd-ft 24valve because i rebuild injection pump and nozzle but now lack of power in initial gears.accelerates slowly like someone have applied hand break and black smoke as well. i attached voltmeter to TPS positive terminal giving 5.05volts and then...
  11. parkamatt

    1FZFE Throttle Position Sensor Issue

    Hey Guys, I'm having an issue with my throttle position sensor, if I have it connected, the engine wont rev past about 2200rpm, whereas if I pull the plug, it is happy to rev as far as i push it. I've checked wiring, done continuity tests on the wires ect. I'm also getting engine fault codes...
  12. RojoFJ62

    how the heck do I adjust the throttle position sensor?

    so my 62 has had a high idles since I bought it in February. I've read all the posts and it sounded like it was the TPS that I needed to adjust. I bought a multi-meter a couple of weeks ago to do the job. Finally got the time this weekend to take apart the throttle body, clean it out, and...
  13. WJB4000

    TPS testing question...

    Hey folks, I've got a '89 62 basically all stock. I went out to test my TPS due to code 51 and just to make sure it's all in adjustment. I just want to make sure I read the diagnostic procedure correct on which terminals to test. There are 4 terminals on the TPS, the bottom 2 are supposed to...
  14. lechnito

    Air intake manifold / EGR service? Pic heavy!

    My 1990 FJ62 has always idled a little high at 900 - 1000 RPM for as long as I've owned the vehicle. So I started a project this weekend to clean out my throttle body and recalibrate the throttle position sensor. Turns out that the throttle body was already pretty clean but the air intake...
  15. fj62steve

    Wanted: Plug that connects to Throttle Position Sensor

    Hey folks, wondering if anyone has the plug that connects into the throttle position sensor? (1988 FJ62, 3fe) One of my terminals is missing pins in it, I cannot find this part anywhere! Thanks.
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