1. ArmyFJ

    Inexpensive ARB Air Locker Bench Tester

    So I stumbled on this while trying to figure out a way to bench test my ARB lockers and wanted to share. It turns out that the female fitting at the end of a Harbor Freight air blow gun (I assume other brands as well) is 1/8 in. BSP. So the 6mm press fitting to 1/8 in. BSP coupler that comes...
  2. BlueMonster

    Fuel Gauge & Wiring Testing

    I need some help. I've read over all the forums and I'm still a bit stuck. My fuel gauge always shows empty. Following the advice of many others I started with the fuel sending unit. The unit itself is fairly new and with a multimeter it registered about 16 ohms on full and 119 ohms empty...
  3. Farrell Martin

    Guidance on Testing Relays per FSM

    I hate and don't understand electricity, so want to make sure I understand what the FSM is saying. I am in the process of following the FSM steps to troubleshooting my AC not blowing cold air and the first step is to test the magnetic clutch relay. The FSM says to do it the same way as it...
  4. L

    Need some help diagnosing poor city mileage

    So, this has been driving me crazy for some time now. (Don't mind the pun). I've spent days trying to get the bottom of it but I'm reaching the end of my knowledge about the specifics of the engine management system. The problem is I get regular highway mileage but terrible town mileage. I know...
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