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  1. fj40cruisin

    Temperature Sensor Mount Questions

    I have searched for an answer to this but I haven't found anything yet. I bought a new temp sensor to replace an old one that doesn't work. I put it on tonight but I can't get the the sensor to go down all the way. I probably only have a few threads on the sensor pipe mount. Is the sensor...
  2. JGrizzle

    1991 3FE runs worse the hotter it gets

    hey all, trying to fix an issue I've had since I got this truck in January. 1991 3FE, desmogged. 200k miles. Currently getting 10 ish mpg with top freeway speed at 80 on dead flat with no wind. Recently checked/replaced vacuum lines and rubber throughout, rewired EFI relay to successfully...
  3. A

    Broke this off during PHH, how screwed am I? (Temp sensor?)

    I managed to shear off what looks like a thermocouple during the PHH job. The contact looks like it can still connect though. Can anyone tell me what this is? Thanks Edit: searched and looks like it's the knock sensor. If it still connects at I good?
  4. 1

    2F Engine Temp Sensor Mounting Points?

    Hey guys, Just wondering where i can mount a mechanical water temp gauge in my 2F engine. I've had a look around but haven't been able to see anything. I read the manual and it didn't say anything about temp sensors, only the thermostat in the water head. Any help is appreciated. Rohan
  5. P

    Nut size? - carb cooling fan ground wire to temp sensor bracket

    Can't seem to find this in any partslist online, so hoping someone knows the answer off-hand (before I start trial and error). Anyone know the size and type of nut that fits on the bolt where the carb cooling fan grounding wire is attached to the temp sensor bracket? '83 FJ60 if it matters...
  6. Gumybob

    Plastic Tank on Radiator Cracked

    1994 LC with 1FZ-FE. Driving home last night on a freeway, was in the 70's and slight rain when all of the sudden my top tank on the radiator cracked, steam everywhere. Temp gauge stayed in middle, never showed hot. If fact, temp has never show more than middle and I live in Phoenix, even...
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