1. O

    Window switch and motor help HJ61 front left window

    Hey, my window motor went out on the front left window and then my son somehow lost the switch. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? Landcruiser parts doesn’t have it for an 89 HJ61. Thanks in advance.
  2. O

    Window switch and motor help HJ61 front left window

    Hey, my window motor went out on the front left window and then my son somehow lost the switch. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? Landcruiser parts doesn’t have it for the HJ61. Thanks in advance.
  3. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  Cable Locker Position Indicator Switches

    I have two new cable locker position indicator switches PN 84222-60071. To my knowledge, these are long discontinued. Asking $180 shipped in the continental U.S. for both.
  4. zgarre

    Wanted  FJ60 Fog Lamp Switch

    Still looking for one of these for my FJ60 (pic below). Help a fellow cruiserhead out!!
  5. B

    ISO/WTB: '07-'09 Mirror Switch Bezel

    Edit - Ended up finding one on Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market
  6. alohamade

    SOLD  HI: FJ40 Light Switch with Illuminating LED and matching Pull Knob

    $40 + shipping- probably around $8
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Complete - OR Parts 95-97 Steering Tilt Column, Clockspring, Turn/Blinker Master Switch. Ignition

    So Cal - I have two available Will sell all or parts as you wish. Complete Unit $350 as pictured Call for individual parts needed ALSO PARTS FOR 91 - 94
  8. zgarre

    For Sale  HJ60 / FJ62 Fog Lamp Switch

    Bought this a few months back, but it does not fit any dash cutouts in my FJ60. It is originally from an HJ60. Possibly could fit an FJ62 blank? I’m not sure. It is in excellent condition. ***UPDATE - This WILL fit an FJ62 (scroll down to see more info from the community)*** I paid $90 for it...
  9. itschrismck

    Headlights won’t turn off

    2007 fj 100 - my headlights are off when the car is on no matter what is dialed in on the switch (on off drl), once I turn the car off the headlights come on and stay on. The switch will not turn them off nor will the remote.I have a leak on the drivers side foot well dead pedal and we just had...
  10. Krondor

    Epoxy Molding

    Hey guys, I wanted to post here before moving into the larger 40 area. I am currently starting to reproduce early Fj25 and 40 light knobs, wiper knobs, and pull interior light knobs. These plastic parts can become brittle overtime. I would like to preserve them and produce nice reproductions...
  11. mleichty

    SOLD  Carbon Fiber Heated Seats and JDM Heated Seat Switches FZJ80

    Set of carbon fiber seat heaters that are new, never installed for both driver and passenger seats. Pulled one set out and made a couple small pencil marks and then decided I wasn’t going to get them put in and needed to get my 80 back on the road. Includes everything you need for a basic...
  12. mrjordann

    How to remove brake light switch?

    Hi, a while back, my brake lights went out. Dont know why or how, but they did. Obviously this is a safety issue and a legal issue and it needs to be addressed before it's driven. There seems to be a brown switch at the top of my brake pedal to detect when my brake it depressed. Is there any...
  13. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Electric Window Master Control and Bezel FJ80, Window Regulators

    SoCal Master Control does all 4 power windows plus Doorlock $75 Bezel for Master Control in Very Good Condition $40 One in Brown, One in Grey Shipping at cost, and it is less than $10 within USA Window Regulators with Motors for all 4 doors for 1990-1997 FJ80 $50 front, $45 rear, shipping at...
  14. R

    Wanted  window switch (auto), or just the cap - passenger side- 99 4Runner

    hi - i do not need the entire plate and window/lock switch assembly i just need the cap to the switch - looks like passenger side is same as the 2 on driver side . my switch works but i busted off the cap and some little white rocker/plunger inside is broken too. I would be able to fix with...
  15. Darb

    For Sale  New OEM Fj40 switch

    SOLD!..........................new stop switch part number 83440-12012 $30+shipping
  16. Pierce

    Stealing a supercharger need parts list

    I need wisdom. I'm stealing a supercharger off of a 1994 year model and putting it on a 1997. Does someone have a list of parts that will be needed once I take the supercharger off of the 1994 like the intake hose? I know the easy answer is to use the parts from the 1997 on the 1994 but I need...
  17. wildbj70

    Wanted  FZJ80 E-locker harnesses, switch, ECM

    just bought lockers for my land cruiser looking for FZJ80 E-locker harnnesses, switch, ECM please let me know what u have and how much thanks
  18. RiFF RaFF

    Wanted  1996 FJ80 Passenger Window Switch

    I need the passenger side window toggle switch for 96 FJ80. Thanks in advance. Doug
  19. N

    Project : VR12000 switch to synthetic line and...

    I bought a well built 2002 100 series with a TJM front bumper housing a Warn VR12000 winch (my first winch). I've used the winch to move some downed tree from trails, and cars stuck in snowy parking lots (light work) - but never had the line out very far. I haven't had success getting it to...
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