1. W

    For Sale  *UPDATED PRICE**Iowa 2013 Toyota Landcruiser

    The time has come. I have always wanted a 200 series. And finally we thought it was the right time. After searching for nearly 13 months I found this rust free vehicle down in Florida(only 1 midwest winter, and I cleaned the undercarriage at least once a week during the winter). Since owning...
  2. E

    1HD-FTE max boost

    Good day all, what is the max safe boost on a fully stock 1HD-FTE. It has a Upgraded intercooler and a unichip EGR will be deleted and a oil catch can will be installed.
  3. Hulio


  4. G

    For Sale  from SoCal to Vermont, 1996 FZJ80 Engine rebuild or replace

    1996 Toyota FZJ80 Land Cruiser 285,000 miles Factory locking differentials (front,center,and rear) The Only Car In The World Is The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 $2100.00 -Burgundy -Clean title -Never been off roading -Last family used it to drive around their three young kids but most of the...
  5. cptnshakespeare

    For Sale  Yakima, WA: 1973 Toyota 40 Series

    Edited for Details: Trying to help my father-in-law who is not tech-savvy get some more coverage of his dream car that he is having to get rid of. Was diagnosed with Leukemia and Parkinson's in the last 2 years and so is not getting to use this car anymore so he's selling. It's a good driver...
  6. O

    SOLD  Fresno, CA 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80, 156K miles, stock

    Good afternoon, It brings me mixed feelings to have to sell this, but our family is expanding, we bought a Tundra, and this must go. I bought this rig with my dad in 2005 and I am the second owner, it had somewhere around 49k miles on it then. The truck was originally titled in Scottsdale AZ...
  7. Woody Craig

    NLFS  2015 Toyota Land Cruiser - White - $41,500

    I'm looking at selling my wife's 2015 Land Cruiser. I bought it used but with roughly 3500 miles. It now has about 92,300 miles on it. The previous owner bought it in Jackson, Ms. It has never been off road and basically it was used to take kids to school and up and down Interstate 55. It...
  8. Ninety 2

    SOLD  CarolinaBeach, NC

    Letting go stock fj80 176,000 miles $9000. 92 toyota land cruiser Classic Great condition Very original solid truck Reliable No dents All wheel drive Super cold a/c Auto w o/d PW, PL, PS, Lockout New Sony radio Minimal rust,great interior Carfax, original paint Hitch. Sunroof Recently inspected...
  9. CruiseLanderAZ

    source for new OEM springs (100 series)

    I'm trying to find some new OEM rear springs but most dealers either have it as a discontinued part or want about $400 for both springs. Anyone have a source for slightly used or new that is cheaper?

    SOLD  So Cal - 5 2016 - 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Rims and Tires

    Need to sell my 5 stock 18" rims and tires off my 2016 Land Cruiser. Four of the tires are near new with 13K miles on them and the spare is the original. Asking $1000 obo based on seeing sets of four going for the same price. No TPMS. Located in So Cal 91436.
  11. Drake2

    SOLD  Racine, WI 53177 - Pair of OEM FRONT springs from 02/1980 FJ40 (Fits 79-83) SCRAPPED

    I would like to sell this pair of stock OEM front springs from the 1980 FJ40 parts I picked up recently. I do not have the rear springs. Only price drop......$40 plus shipping for the pair. Next stop the dumpster.
  12. HellenicCruiser

    1998 Series 100 Lexus - over 350k Miles

    Hi all, first post here. Was turned on to this forum by a guy I met on a flight today. Super excited to start learning from you all. I’ve got a 1998 Series 100 LX470. She’s pearl white and all stock with the exception of a pioneer Navi/screen and oversized Yokohama geolandar’s. Biggest claim to...
  13. DJCloz

    For Sale  2005 GX470 LOW 73K MILES SO Cal

    Hey Guys. I bought this GX from my neighbor. We already have an 06. This has way lower miles, I planned to swap and sell hers, but my wife does not want to swap cars and says she fine with it. shes mad I bought it without consulting her, either way, so now I'm selling. It's 100 percent...
  14. jesus888

    Does the H42 Transmission shifter self-center?

    I looked... but didn’t find the answer when I went down the rabbit hole of the Search... lots of good stuff out there but couldn’t seem to find the answer. I have a 1977 FJ40 with stock drivetrain (so from what I’ve read, I have an H42 4-speed)... my question is... and pardon my ignorance, my...
  15. Doppelrock

    SOLD  2006 Tundra Double Cab SR5 4x4

    Hi Team, First post in the site and its for a sale :( I adore this truck and while I had planned on driving the wheels off, life plans changed and now you get to instead. Unmodified, adult driven, well maintained. This truck spent its entire life in Denver Metro and has rarely seen trail. I am...
  16. Comochris

    Newbie trying to put in my time to become official

    1996 fzj 80 stock I named her after a bruiser of an aunt I had long ago. LC pronounced many different ways. Up for suggestions. I look forward to my slow build and future trails and friends
  17. jesus888

    What wheels are these?

    And who do I write the check to, to get em delivered to my house, with a set of hubcaps? For reference, this is from a 14 year old thread on Pirate found here
  18. R

    For Sale  Selling fj60 or trade hot springs, ar

    Reluctantly, selling my 85’ 60 series. Love the truck but it needs someone who has the time and mechanical knowledge to get it what it needs. Two things I don’t have. Very clean! Very stock. Was my daily driver, has 202k miles on it. Thought it was a gasket issue mechanic found a crack. See...
  19. ZoomByYou

    Wanted  I need 4 stock rims for a fj40

    I'm looking for a set of 15" stock rims for my 1972 fj40. I would like them to be structurally, in good condition with the hubcap tabs in place. I'm located on Long Island, New York. Please send me some pictures of what you have and how much you would like for them....
  20. mrjordann

    Wanted  5 Stock FJ40 Wheels

    Hi, I'm looking for stock wheels a 73 fj40. I already have the 4 hub caps, but I would like 5 matching wheels so I can have a spare tire on the back. OR send me any decent, good-looking wheels that have the same specs (size/offset, etc.) Thanks!
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