stereo wiring

  1. UncleKRob

    Aftermarket Stereo Install...With a Twist

    I've searched through the seemingly endless threads involving aftermarket stereo installs, but none seem to have the answer(s) I'm looking for... My specific install involves replacing a previously-installed aftermarket stereo that also had a ceiling-mounted aftermarket DVD system. I figured...
  2. Raj Singh

    2004 LX470 Attempted Replacement on ML Amp

    Hi Guys. I'm a long time lurker and would like to thank the community for all the useful advice. Since this is my first post I apologize for any forum faux-paus I am about to commit. I have an 04 LX470 whose ML amplifier gave out on me. I am interested in changing out the stock ML amp into an...
  3. Outbounders

    Botched Stereo Wiring

    Greetings! So I'm new to the owners club and am trying to get a few things accomplished to get my new rig road ready. One of the issues with it when I bought it was the stereo. I thought it would be a relatively easy fix but then I found this.... Does anyone have any suggestions? The harness...
  4. schradec

    JVC KD-X320BTS Head Unit Install

    Finally getting around to installing a new HU in my 97 LC. Went with a JVC unit that is a media player only, with built in bluetooth. It was a great price and had some good reviews so I figured I would give it a shot. Here is a shot of the HU: Now when reading through the less than...
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