1. AwgustLab

    Steering Pulling to the Right

    2013 GX 460 - Just bought 2 weeks ago from a dealer in AZ (transported to NM) who insisted it was not that way when it left the lot. The deal is reimbursing me for an alignment, which I got but it is still pulling and veering to the right. Rotated tires, still the same. Alignment place said the...
  2. MostlyNuts

    1978 FJ40 Tie Rod end thread mismatch

    Hey team, Anyone seen his and familiar with how to address? I decided to swap my tie rod ends since i have no idea when that was last done and PO seems to have seriously neglected this rig for a while. Te two main ends when in perfectly. However, the drag link bar seems to be of a different...
  3. H


    Hello members , long time reading here. Thank you, for so much knowledge. I have a 2004 4runner that i recently added steering wheel controls. I do not have the OEM stereo, i have a pioneer unit at the moment wich i will be replacing ... My problem is this: my car only has 3 wires connecting...
  4. dstantdog

    For Sale  100 series: Brand New in box Rack & Pinion assembly from Detroit Axle (NE Ohio)

    Bought this right before covid hit with the plan of putting it on my 100 series land cruiser but plans have changed 6mo later. I did some digging and a few threads on this forum recommended Detroit Axel as a solid manufacturer which is why I bought it. It's brand new in the box - the box has...
  5. Spino

    How to chase a steering clunk

    Hey all. My ‘84 FJ60 makes a clunking noise when the wheel is turned to either side. Happens while stopped and while moving. Also occurs regardless of 2WD vs 4WD. It seems this is a fairly common issue. I’d love some guidance in how I should go about chasing this noise. For starters, this truck...
  6. CloudCity

    Grinding while turning hard right, front drivers/middle?

    The household GX developed a sudden metallic, squeaky, grinding sound that has me stumped. Happens only while turned full lock to the right, was only while moving forward but did start to happen while reversing as well at one point. I know there's a few possibilities so here's a video where you...
  7. D

    Steering knuckle seal?

    Let’s play “what do I have to fix now?” Groaning sound when I steer like a bad power steering unit, but clearly I’m leaking fluid like a sieve. Thoughts?
  8. K

    SOLD  SLC, UT. 100 series rack and pinion for 1999. OEM, new 400.00

    Bought this for a full front end refresh almost 5 years ago, new in open box. No longer own vehicle Will include 2 outer imparts brand outers I have. Located in salt lake city, ut. Eight o 1 440 five nine 91.
  9. steering linkage.JPG

    steering linkage.JPG

    linkage blow up
  10. Grimmjow

    Front End Wobbly - Fluid All Over but Can't Find Source

    Back in an 80 for less than a month and already posting up an advice thread... It's a beautiful start of a love hate :) Picked up a 91 with 179k miles in West Phoenix. Mechanic owned. Checked out when I bought it. 1 week later noticed a pretty significant leak in the far front driver side when...
  11. Borrego

    2003 Tundra balancing issue

    I have a 2003 Limited Tundra with 255,000 miles, which I bought new off the lot with only 4 miles on it. It is the most reliable car I've ever owned. I've never had a problem with it. All I've ever done is just standard maintenance and after 16 years, it still runs and looks like it's brand new...
  12. Z

    Online Resource Parts / Steering Gear Part

    Hi, I have a 2004 LC. Does anyone know of a good resource online where I can lookup list prices for parts and required labor? Specifically I need to replace the steering gear (44200-60100) with bushings and tie rod ends (45047-69115 and 45046-69205). I got a whole range of quotes from workshops...
  13. A

    Front End - steering dampener snapped

    Hey! I just picked up about a week ago an 84 FJ60 from Los Angeles and drove it across country to Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s a beast. But has caused some problems as I’ve been repairing issues from the PO. I realized late that my whole front end really got worked by the PO on a trail...
  14. 4

    2005 LX470 VGRS ECU

    My LX470 has the VGRS, VSC OFF, and VSC TRAC lights on. They are steady and remain on all the time while driving. Took it to Toyota to get diagnosed and the codes pulled were ABS: C1289, C1291, C1340 VGRS: C1554, C1568 AHC: 1777. I was told these are all related to the VGRS going bad except for...
  15. Fieldtester96

    Questions about an SOA for a broke college student.

    So i know this is been talked about a lot but i have some questions about steering when doing an SOA. I have a stock fj62 and want to get some more ride height so i plan to do an SOA. I understand everything that goes into it apart from what do do with the steering. I understand that you need...
  16. mep1811

    For Sale  FJ60 P/S steering box El Paso, TX

    I have a used power steering box for a FJ-60. I never used it just had it as a spare. $500.00 shipped in CONUS.
  17. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  Fj60 steering box 5/85 and up--Found One

    Looking for a steering gear box for a 10/85 fj60 to rebuild. Let me know if you have one. Thanks
  18. MScruiser

    Vendor  80 Series Late Model Leather Steering Wheel Kits in Tan or Grey

    I am selling leather steering wheel kits to recover your old, discolored, and worn out leather. These kits ARE NOT simply wraps that cover up the old leather; they completely replace the old. They are made here in Mississippi, from Italian leather. The leather is smooth, and supple. The kits...

    SOLD  [ME] 1977 FJ40 Complete Steering Assembly

    I have a complete steering assembly from a DEC. 1977 FJ40. This was found in a shed out of the elements, so I know it’s been well preserved and appears to be in excellent condition. Includes what is shown, even has the key in the ignition! Steering wheel is in great shape, has some minor...
  20. Surf n Turf

    Leak out of rear diff head

    Hey guys on my last outing to the sand dunes here in NZ i noticed a noise reversing up a slight inclination in the sand, had a check under the truck and sure enough the rear diff has a leak at the head where the shaft goes in, will add pictures in hopes that may show what i'm trying to explain...
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