1. CR79BJ40B

    Center Pin Rebuild Kit and Its Wrong

    Hey, Writing this to see if anyone has run into this issue and what the solution is. I am currently working on the steering cause it seems to work better when the ball joints aren't all friction welded after 42 years. Anyways, I purchased a center pin rebuild kit from Cruiser Corps. The...
  2. sfab

    '66 FJ40 drag link question

    As stated in the thread title, this is a [January] 1966 40 series. I'm a NOOB, so bear that in mind. Steering was not entirely on my radar, but it is now. I have discovered something kind of dangerous and will replace all the involved parts but I want to get to the bottom of why it is the...
  3. VAPny54

    Shuddering in the steering when going reverse / U-Turns

    Hey all - recently I've noticed when I back out of parking spaces (when cold) with the steering wheel in full-driver / left, there is a bit of shuddering when I hit the throttle. I notice it also going left on u-turns. It goes away once the truck is warmed up. Last year, the dealer but dextron...
  4. txzuk1988

    SOLD FJ80 Steering Box Tapped For Hydro Assist

    FJ80 Steering Box that is tapped for Hydro Assist. Ran it on my Samurai Buggy with FJ60 front axle and it worked awesome. Parting out my Samurai. So this has to go. $400 plus shipping Located in Houston TX text 713Four1990Seven4
  5. T

    Steering Failure - Loss of steering returning to 12 o'clock position

    September 19, 2018, I purchase a Quality Power alternator: 320amp alternator for my 2007 LX 470. Yesterday, I had the following dash lights illuminate: ABS, VSC TRAC, VSC OFF, battery icon light, BRAKE. This morning, only the battery icon light was illuminated. I called my mechanic and told him...
  6. specter

    Wanted Steering Box

    Does anyone know where to get either a new steering box P/N 44110-60320 or a rebuilt one? Or anyone that rebuilds them? It would be for a 1995 Prado KZJ-78 RHD.
  7. Malleus

    Training Docs T453, Suspension, Steering and Handling 27MAY2022

    Toyota technical training course , T453, Suspension, Steering and Handling - covers the basics of vehicle dynamics related to Suspension, Steering and Handling Contents: 1. Tire and Wheel Basics 2. Tire and Wheel Service 3. Suspension System Basics 4. Types of Suspension Systems 5. Steering...
  8. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 100 Series - NOS JDM steering wheel (03-07)

    New aftermarket JDM steering wheel for late model 100 Series. Wood trim with thumb grips and perforated leather. 700$ Shipped to the US
  9. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: Early 80 Series - Refurbished leather steering wheel

    1990-1994 3 Spoke Leather-wrapped steering wheel. Refurbished to original specs Available upon request 437.5$ shipped to the US Paypal accepted with extra fees
  10. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 100 Series- Refurbished steering wheels (Grey & Beige)

    Refurbished perforated leather steering wheels for early 100 Series Land Cruisers (1998-2002) Includes Airbag and Cruise control stalk 437.5$ each 2 week shipping to the USA with tracking number
  11. monteburns

    Rack, VGRS/VSC dash lights and wander? Unravelling a mystery.

    In regards to our work-in-progress 2005 LX470 (307k miles, Slee 3" lift, deleted AHC): We bought this LX just a few weeks ago and have been going through the long list of items to make the LX great again. The biggest mystery at this point is the steering system. Here's the issue/symptoms: 1...
  12. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 100 Series OEM leather wrapped steering wheels (1998-2002)

    OEM leather wrapped wheel with airbag and cruise control stalk 150$ each - ships worldwide
  13. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 60 Series RHD tilt steering column

    Asking 200$ 2 keys included
  14. Ivanfears

    Steering Rack slips following AHC Delete

    Hello - I recently had the hydroloics fully removed from my 06 LX and moved to a dobinsons 3.5 inch kit in the front and 880 pound upgrade in the rear. The steering has felt a bit sloppy for the last month since I picked it up, but yesterday my wife came to a stop at a light with the wheel...
  15. H

    New FJ40 owner. Steering issue Question / Puzzle.

    Hi everyone! I'm New here. I just bought a 1974 FJ40 and also own a 1991 Toyota Pickup thats SAS (and for sale). If you're good at puzzles please keep reading. I'm trying to sort out the steering in this FJ40 and would appreciate if anyone has input. It appears to have all new ball joints...
  16. B

    105 series won’t turn all the way lock to lock

    So I was on the tracks on Boxing Day and suddenly couldn’t turn. Backed up a bit still could barely turn like it was a full lock but wheels were just off straight, 6 point turn to turn around and then could turn full lock. Get home and try again same thing. Couldn’t turn fully but if I wiggled...
  17. B

    How can I figure out why I have death wobble?

    I have a 1993 with death wobble that I've tried to fix and it's still not fully gone. I'm sure there are many things I could blindly try if I had infinite money, but how can I figure out which one is actually likely to fix the issue? I know this is a bit long, so to encourage responses: I'd be...
  18. spanishforjorge

    SOLD 80 Series Steering Box (European)

    This steering box came off of an 80 Series chassis that was imported by a German company to the states back in November 2020. I replaced it with a new one and now have this one sitting around. It was working when I removed it but it would benefit from a rebuild. I don't know exactly what it...
  19. F

    LC 80 steering gets hard after long drive

    Hi All, I had purchased a 80 series last year and so far had been completely enjoying it, last week I took a 2000 km trip around the country and observed steering issue after taking a long drive, more than an hour duration. The steering starts getting hard you need extra force to turn it around...
  20. AwgustLab

    Steering Pulling to the Right

    2013 GX 460 - Just bought 2 weeks ago from a dealer in AZ (transported to NM) who insisted it was not that way when it left the lot. The deal is reimbursing me for an alignment, which I got but it is still pulling and veering to the right. Rotated tires, still the same. Alignment place said the...
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