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  1. BRIND

    FJ60 Steering Box

    I have a 65 FJ40 that has a FJ60 Steering box on it, from a mid 80's model. Anyone recognize this? Better question is who's got a rebuild kit? I already replaced the seal once...
  2. B


    Hey guys, I’m looking for a used 80 series steering box to go in my 97 lx450. I plan on sending it out to get rebuilt, so any condition will work. TIA, -Matt
  3. mep1811

    For Sale  FJ60 P/S steering box El Paso, TX

    I have a used power steering box for a FJ-60. I never used it just had it as a spare. $500.00 shipped in CONUS.
  4. amagnono

    Steering box replacement

    Hey guys, I've been lurking here for the last year or so after buying my first FJ80 - a '93. I am now onto my second - a 97 that is in pretty amazing shape with the exception of the steering - there is a frightening amount of play. After reading a lot on here and doing some basic testing I...
  5. llunchboxx

    Power Steering Pump Help

    Hey All, Alright, bear with me as I'm sure there have been some newbie mistakes I need calling out on. I noticed the stock PS Pump on my 60 had sprung a leak at the shaft and was slowly spraying ATF all over the engine bay and ordered a reman replacement from Rock Auto. Finally got the "new"...
  6. nomoremud79

    1hz compatible steering boxes?

    Hey everyone, ive got a 2004 79 series 1HZJ79R with a steering box thats buggered, just wondering if theres a cheaper option other than a $750 rebuild of the box? Cheers!
  7. Matt1260

    40 Steering box leak

    I didn’t find a thread on this but I have a leak out of the big seal on this 81 box. How hard is it to pull the arm and seal off? Do I need special pullers?
  8. Idgie79

    79' Steering box slop and leaking

    Just bought a 79' FJ40. U.S. Spec. Steering box has more than factory 40mm play and is leaking quite a bit. Looking for some options. SOR is $1200+ which is not an option I can afford right now. Any good rebuild kits or remanufactured options I can go with?
  9. RFB

    Woodruff key Placement

    Ok Ive marked everything Ive read and re read everything Im pulling my sttering box and pump tomorrow to replace with remanned from rock auto, one question I cant figure out is where does the "woodruff key" go? the shaft on the pump is tapered and keyed already, so is this still needed? It...
  10. Not A CJ

    For Sale  1978 FJ40 Manual Steering box

    1978 FJ40 Manual Steering box. $90 free shipping in the US. I just replaced my manual steering with a mini truck set-up and have no need for the old box. It came off my rig but I would recommend a rebuild as it was a little loose.
  11. K

    Advance Adapters Saginaw Installation Problem

    Hey guys, I am currently trying to install the advance adapters power steering conversion kit and a J20 Saginaw box onto my 1976 FJ40. I am having problem lining the adapter plate and box up that also leaves clearance between the box and the OME shackle and shackle bolts. There seems to be no...
  12. lechnito

    Sloppy steering on my FJ62

    My steering wheel has a few degrees of motion where there is very little resistance and movement is not reciprocated in the movement of the wheels. Here's a video: This has always been an issue and installing new tie rod ends did not make an appreciable difference. However, it didn't really...
  13. workingdog

    80 series steering box

    How can I tell if my '84 FJ60 is late enough to be able to take an 80 series steering box? Peter
  14. dr_dobro

    For Sale  94 (80 series) steering box NY

    Box appears to be in good shape. Not removing the pitman arm. Asking $85 plus the ride
  15. dkdnt232

    For Sale  ****sold****mini power steering box from 1982 hilux 4x4 truck (92335)

    hello guys, i am selling a power steering box from a mini truck. it was removed from a running truck that was upgraded to the crossover steering. the box turns freely and comes with pitman arm, low pressure fitting, and stock mini pedestal. i am asking *****it's been sold***** including the...
  16. wngrog

    Rebuilding FJ55 Manual Steering Box

    Has anyone done this lately? Mine is leaking pretty bad on my 77 even with the syrup thick Lucas fluid in it. If so, who sells the seals? I looked in the usual places with nothing listed.
  17. Nado FJ

    Rough month for Speedy

    Last month was a rough month for Speedy (the kids' name for the FJ--I guess her exhaust sounds fast :)) Figured out she has multiple cracks in the exhaust manifold and finally tracked down problems with the rear heater and radiator/thermostat hoses leaking and overheating to the head. Finally...
  18. Adrigan

    What Steering Box Do I have?

    So I got a '76FJ40 about 3 weeks ago. Since then I've changed all the fluids, Tie rods, Parking Brake, Fixed a crap load of electrical issues. Now I'm onto rebuilding the power steering since it is all wet down there. From this wonderful forum I know there is Saginaw, minitruck, ETC. However...
  19. C

    Need help with Steering box install

    I just got a rebuilt steering box from CruiserParts. Got it all installed but when I went to hook up the lines the return line hole was too small. The high pressure line went in with no problem but the return line hole is too small. Can I just get a new return line with a smaller fitting...
  20. Not A CJ

    Correct Power Steering Box for 1978 FJ40

    I saw these on Ebay and I was wondering if either of these is the correct power steering box to for an FJ40 conversion to mini box power steering setup? Yes it looks like one it may leak, but price is good. 1. Toyota Pickup Truck 81-88 2WD Power Steering Gear Box Gearbox Original OEM Japan...
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