1. scoobiedubes

    SOLD  AZ OEM 15" Steelies with BFG A/T 33x9.5R15 Tires, Set of 5

    I just removed these from my FJ45LV and replaced with 16" steelies and a different tire. Set of 5 is up for grabs, hubcap clips are included. Tires have lots of tread left on them, according to P/O have less than 1000 miles on them. Located in Phoenix, AZ. Not sure I could ship these since...
  2. rghouse

    Aussie OEM steel rims paint colors

    anybody know what the paint code is for the grayish Aussie steel wheels? I’ve seen what looks like a gray-green tint, as well as white and a light gray. Looking to paint some steelies soon and want to copy the Aussie look (I believe on their split rims). Open to ideas. Also, curious if Toyota...
  3. jesus888

    What wheels are these?

    And who do I write the check to, to get em delivered to my house, with a set of hubcaps? For reference, this is from a 14 year old thread on Pirate found here
  4. dkdnt232

    For Sale  single x1 steel disc wheel 15x5.5 inch (92335)

    hello, up for sale i have a single weld type steel wheel. it is the style that does not have clips for the hub caps. the stamped date on it is 6-80 i am located in fontana, CA, 92335. but i am willing to ship it if needed. i am asking $60 plus the ride for the wheel. thanks for looking.
  5. ZoomByYou

    Wanted  I need 4 stock rims for a fj40

    I'm looking for a set of 15" stock rims for my 1972 fj40. I would like them to be structurally, in good condition with the hubcap tabs in place. I'm located on Long Island, New York. Please send me some pictures of what you have and how much you would like for them....
  6. koxfarm

    Hubcap clips and rims :repost:

    :repost: clips; hubcap, 100% oem clone. Made of 95 high carbon spring steel, annealed and cad plated. US orders, soon available from @Racer65. $12ea including M6 round head solid steel rivet (Din660) so you can replace your broken clips or add new clips to your split rim. Rims / hubcap ready...
  7. V

    For Sale  BJ-73 Wheels 6J x 16

    I have a set of 5 BJ-73 wheels. $400 Milwaukee 6J x16 by VanSyncro posted Aug 19, 2017 at 9:23 AM16x6 wheel by VanSyncro posted Aug 19, 2017 at 9:23 AM
  8. Krow

    Wanted  Single FJ40 OEM Steel Wheel

    I am doing a disc brake conversion on my FJ55 and I can no longer use my Rivet Steelies. I've found 3 welded steelies so far and I just need one more to complete my set. Preferably in SoCal, but willing to pay for shipping!
  9. troxymyfoxy

    Wanted  FJ40 OEM rims with clips

    Looking for two OEM rims w/clips. I currently have three of them but would like two more to complete the set. Thanks.
  10. O

    Wanted  STEELIES

    Rebuilding a 1965 FJ40 and need (x5) STEELIES w/ clips. Thanks.
  11. YSG2017

    Vintage Jackman Steelies 8-Spoke - Thoughts

    Anybody know anything about old Jackman wagon-wheel steelies from the '70s, or where to get a 15X8.5" set of 5 that would fit a BJ40? Thanks for any thoughts on these. They look like this: Cheers. :)
  12. sokoloka

    Stock Steelies & Lug Nut Shape

    Will be taking possession of my BIL's 1976 FJ40 from him soon and have started the parts acquisition process. I have a set of new steelies on the way but wanted to definitively confirm the lug nut threading and shape. 12mm x 1.5 is the correct size? 60 degree conical seat? Any and all help...
  13. WingNutLG

    For Sale  18" Tundra steelies - Fort Worth TX

    I've got 4 Tundra steel wheels that I just pulled off of my 100 series. They balanced out and rode great, no dents or issues. They've got a couple of scratches, all cosmetic. Would be great for someone looking to pick up a winter/wheeling set, or someone that wants to powdercoat them. Comes...
  14. sgiandubh

    FREE  18" Tundra steelies (ABQ, NM)

    18" tundra steelies and 255/70 Firestone AT. Ran these for about a year on my 100. Tires are functional but a bit sun-checked and at the end of their life. Center Caps and lug nuts. Free to a 'Mudder.
  15. Golgo13

    Steel Wheels - 4Runner vs FJ Cruiser

    I see a lot of threads related to guys looking for FJC Steelies for their rig. I have found that the current 4Runner steel spare wheel is actually slightly stronger than FJC and it is ~$30 cheaper. Both appear identical to each other, but there are a couple very small differences in the...
  16. sammybones

    Will these steelies fit my 04?

    I need some help from the experts. Will these fit?
  17. FullyLitLED

    For Sale  6 Tundra Steelies 5x150 in San Jose, CA

    selling 6 tundra steelies with 6 center caps. No bends. Perfect for the 100/200 series owners who want steelies. Asking $300 obo for all 6. 18"x8" and 5x150 bolt pattern. Meetups in San Jose/Milpitas CA. PM me if you are interested
  18. S

    For Sale  Set of (5) 60/62 series powdercoated rims-Sonoma,CA

    SOLD! Mudders- Set of 5 stock/oem toyota fj60/62 rims for sale. Rims are powdercoated semi gloss black. Wheels are in great shape, no dents or rock rash. Rims are located in Sonoma, CA. I'm in Oakland frequently, and can meet buyer anywhere in between. Local pickup preferred, but I will...
  19. FullyLitLED

    Wheel locks for tundra steelies

    Has anyone here installed wheel locks on their steel wheels? I know not a lot of people run them but after having a set of wheels stolen off of my other car, I always made it a point to run wheel locks
  20. R

    Toyota steelies - Gray color code?

    Anybody know the color code for OEM Toyota gray steelies? TIA.
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