1. Cesarf13

    Intermittent Cold Start Issues - Fj40 1972 Stock

    So Guys I LOVE my FJ40 but VERY frustrated with my Intermittent Startup issues - hope you can help. A bit about my FJ40 - New Batery, Cables, Sparkplugs, Startup coil (Internal Resistor). - Stock Carb (to my knowledge) - Stock Distributor (to my knowledge) - Has the Evaporative Emissions...
  2. gummycarbs

    Newb question: normal fast idle on cold startup

    Hi, I bought a well-worn 1994 Land Cruiser four days ago and I don't have a factory manual yet, so pardon the basic questions. What is a normal fast-idle RPM, starting up cold, on a moderately cold day? Say, 40°F. How quickly does it drop to the (I think) 650 RPM regular idle? And does it...
  3. T

    Unusual message on startup

    I have an '05 100 series that has been pretty solid. It started up fine this morning, but I saw something on the screen right after starting I had never seen before. It was a message with a picture of a cd/dvd disc and a bar graph that worked its way across the screen over a few seconds. The...
  4. E

    strong fuel smell on startup -

    1996 with 185k. Put on a new exhaust (magnaflow from engine and then Bosal system from the magnaflow back. New O2 sensors as well. Has a strong fuel smell at startup but otherwise runs fine. No check engine light. Is there a temp sensor that might need to be replaced? Thanks in advance.
  5. matt62

    FJ62 Stumbles on ignition

    I am beginning to see a recurring issue during ignition on my 88 FJ 62. The first start up of the day, the engine stumbles while igniting. It eventually gets there though. No problems while running at all. Throughout the rest of the day other start ups seem to be fine. May stumble after long...
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