starter motor

  1. ey847Cordillera

    For Sale Used starter for 13bt in Canada.

    used starter for 13bt. Was intended for a BJ 74. It was bench tested by RADD cruisers last year and I never installed it because I repaired mine. $350 Canadian plus shipping.
  2. cwmoser

    Starter Motor takes several seconds until Engine Starts ...

    Cranking my 2002 LX470 takes several seconds - maybe something like 4 seconds. Is this typical or symptomatic of some issue like fuel pump pressure, etc. ??? The cranking time is longer than either of my Camry, Isuzu, or Mercedes - those seem to almost instantly fire up.
  3. F

    1HD-T - Possible air leak from fuel primer ?

    The cruiser hasn't been starting up as quick as she used to, being a Di she used to fire as soon as i flicked the key, now it cranks for a couple seconds. I don't know whether it is an air leak or a dying starter, batteries are only a few months old and it had a rebuild 10k/km's ago, drives mint...
  4. C

    For Sale Toyota 24 Volt Starter Motor

    working starter motor taken out of a 60 series Sahara Land Cruiser, difficult to see in the photos, labels states: Nippodenso Japan 28100-47090 028000-7240 24V 4C 27 Price $150.00 Location Brisbane, Australia Freight extra
  5. JoeBush

    Denso vs. Bosch Starter Motor - 2000LC

    My 2000LC starter is finally giving up the ghost and I have a the choice of purchasing a new Denso $95, or a rebuilt Bosch $115 at RockAuto. Does anyone have experience with the Bosch. The Denso is the OEM product but I have had good experience with Bosch parts in the past and wonder if anyone...
  6. Judh8smud

    Starter Wiring: Where does the IGN START wire connect to the solenoid?

    I have an unfamiliarly new Starter Motor that looks a bit different than the old one and unfortunately does not have any labels on it that I can see. So my question is simply, Where does the IGN START wire connect to my specific starter solenoid? This wire.... Where does it connect to this...
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