starter motor

  1. S

    1998 1FZ-FE 105 series New starter motor grinding noise

    Hi everyone, I got a 1998 1fz-fe 105 series with automatic transmission. I took it to the mechanic to get the alternator and the starter motor changed over the weekend. After I got my car back I immediately noticed that there was a grinding noise when I start the car. The grinding noise only...
  2. K

    No crank start

    Having a no crank no start situation. Full power, all accessories working, battery ok and connections seem fine. Just a loud click and nothing. Ordered a fusible link replacement and preparing to take out the starter. I had someone try to turn it over and noticed a hissing sound after the...
  3. Keekz

    Starter motor conversion

    Hey. Newbie here I have an 83 HJ47 and Ive gone and bought a new starter motor for her. Which means the external relay is surplus to requirements. Is it an easy by pass for the wiring or should I take her into an auto sparky? Having no success with trying to find answers to this one. I...
  4. ey847Cordillera

    SOLD  Used starter for 13bt in Canada.

    used starter for 13bt. Was intended for a BJ 74. It was bench tested by RADD cruisers last year and I never installed it because I repaired mine. $350 Canadian plus shipping.
  5. cwmoser

    Starter Motor takes several seconds until Engine Starts ...

    Cranking my 2002 LX470 takes several seconds - maybe something like 4 seconds. Is this typical or symptomatic of some issue like fuel pump pressure, etc. ??? The cranking time is longer than either of my Camry, Isuzu, or Mercedes - those seem to almost instantly fire up.
  6. faded gxl

    1HD-T - Possible air leak from fuel primer ?

    The cruiser hasn't been starting up as quick as she used to, being a Di she used to fire as soon as i flicked the key, now it cranks for a couple seconds. I don't know whether it is an air leak or a dying starter, batteries are only a few months old and it had a rebuild 10k/km's ago, drives mint...
  7. C

    For Sale  Toyota 24 Volt Starter Motor

    working starter motor taken out of a 60 series Sahara Land Cruiser, difficult to see in the photos, labels states: Nippodenso Japan 28100-47090 028000-7240 24V 4C 27 Price $150.00 Location Brisbane, Australia Freight extra
  8. JoeBush

    Denso vs. Bosch Starter Motor - 2000LC

    My 2000LC starter is finally giving up the ghost and I have a the choice of purchasing a new Denso $95, or a rebuilt Bosch $115 at RockAuto. Does anyone have experience with the Bosch. The Denso is the OEM product but I have had good experience with Bosch parts in the past and wonder if anyone...
  9. Judh8smud

    Starter Wiring: Where does the IGN START wire connect to the solenoid?

    I have an unfamiliarly new Starter Motor that looks a bit different than the old one and unfortunately does not have any labels on it that I can see. So my question is simply, Where does the IGN START wire connect to my specific starter solenoid? This wire.... Where does it connect to this...
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