1. LSDbrand

    For Sale  Yellr Yellow box for land cruiser 80 speed correction

    hello all, im selling my Yellr Yellow box, got it in 2019 so its the latest version, super small, i had it on my Land Cruiser 80 series. its fully functional and works perfectrly. its the latest version that is sealed. only asking 40US for it plus shipping. in the USA thanks
  2. sunrk

    Varying idle speed with 1hz motor - what can cause it?

    Is anyone aware of what can cause the idle speed of a 1hz to vary away from the 'screw setting' on the injector pump? I've got mine wound up a little (I set it to 700) because of the rough idling issue, but sometimes it'll idle up to 800 rpm. I haven't get done anything with injectors (got a...
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