1. A

    Speakers quit working - '98 LX

    I started up my car ('98 LX, 245k) 2-3 weeks back to find that none of my speakers were working properly. The front speakers are completely out, while the rear only emit a little sound if I turn the volume knob all the way up. I thought I heard some light crackling in the front speakers...
  2. culandcray

    2004 Land Cruiser 100 with factory nav and JBL, subwoofer replacement

    After lots of researching on here and FB, etc., here are some things I found out when replacing my factory subwoofer on my 04 LC with nav and JBL set up. -The factory sub is dual voice coil at 4 ohms each. -The factory sub enclosure has a sticker that says ‘7.4 ohm’. I was able to get the...
  3. C123MS

    Wanted  02/80 FJ40 - OEM Radio ANY Condition (provided most of the parts are there) or Parts

    Looking for an OEM 1980 FJ40 radio in any condition. Honestly, I would prefer that it not work because I want it cheap, just want to use some of the parts (faceplate, nobs, buttons, and AM station back plate, and mounting bracket), and don't want to deprive the world of a working example. Would...
  4. maskinut

    Troubleshooting Radio/Amp

    I picked up a 00 LC this weekend. The previous owner replaced the door speakers and tweeters with Infinity speakers (Unclear which model yet). Apparently, when he did this the two front door speakers and tweeters stopped working soon after. I can hear them very faintly I think. The rears and...
  5. cpainter

    Left front door speakers not getting signal

    Guys, I just bought a great little 2001 LC and I'm trying to get it in top shape to drive to Ouray, Co for some Alpine Loop relaxation. The vehicle is equipped with the factory navigation system with the Amp and a Navigation DVD player mounted under the front passenger seat. The problem is...
  6. L

    Wanted  100 Series Front Door Speaker

    I am looking for a driver side OEM speaker (part #86160-0W340) to replace my blown one. Someone may have one laying around who upgraded their speakers. Thanks!
  7. zgarre

    For Sale  FJ60 / FJ62 OEM Front Speaker Grilles

    Perfect condition, complete with mesh lining. See pics below. Paid $75 each from CruiserParts.net. Asking $100 + sh for both.
  8. J

    easiest way to disconnect non-working door speaker?

    2003 LX470, Mark Levinson speakers here. My passenger door, large speaker (the one closest to the floor) is crackling and not emitting any music. The other two speakers (the smaller ones above it) are emitting music. I suspect it's not a door wiring issue, as I assume then all 3 speakers would...
  9. S

    Newly acquired LX470 - front door speakers don't work at all

    I have ML audio. I've seen threads where the whole left/whole right has gone out indicating amp problems. I haven't seen anything where only the front 2 door speakers give out. Has anyone else has the issue of both front door speakers not making any noise? Trying to get a feel for it before I...
  10. mrjordann

    Where are my speakers, and how do I plug in a radio?

    Hello! I bought a 1973 FJ40 (nearly all stock), and it's missing a radio. Naturally, I want a radio. I've been told RetroSound makes good radios... I'll check there, but let me know if you recommend anything else. Here is my question. Where are my speakers? I know there's one in the glove box...
  11. Stikboy9480

    1994 80 Series Speaker Size

    Ive already done some extensive searching and i cant find anything. I have a 1994 and im looking to upgrade my sound system. Im just curious about the size of speaker that can fit in the front and back doors without damaging the visible panel. And i am fine with spacing the speaker if its too...
  12. camino70

    Speaker diagnosis

    In my '98 LX non nav, non ml, the front driver speaker would cut out frequently. For some reason before I looked into that, I decided to take the radio out to see why the CD player wouldn't work. There was plenty of broken plastic. I managed to get the plastic and PO's big band and show tune...
  13. mudterrain75

    SOLD  OEM speaker for 40 series

    Already bought
  14. bparker

    Wanted  WTB Under Dash Speaker Bracket FJ40/45/55

    Looking for an under dash speaker housing/bracket. Im in Texas will pay a fair price + shipping Thanks!
  15. bamachem

    2008 200 Series LC Speaker Replacement

    I checked the FAQ section and tried to search, but did not come up with anything so far on 200 series speaker replacements. My 2008 Land Cruiser has a blown speaker in the front passenger door. Basically the foam surround has disintegrated over the years. Since I was going to replace the...
  16. fj62max

    Sub speaker question

    Needed some help. I replaced all door speakers and wanted to replace the rear sun with a 2way 6 1/2 speaker like the one i put in the front doors. The truck came with a double din and i believe the factory amps are still hooked up. I installed one of the other speaker to try out the sub out put...
  17. A

    LX450 only subwoofer after new door speaker install

    1997 LX450 all working well installed front door speakers disconnected dash speakers tested new setup, worked fine, sounded good. didn't drive for 2 weeks drove truck, only subwoover makes sound checked fuses, all good (17, 21 from owners manual) pulled amp from dash, wiggled wires, unplugged...
  18. 77HesterSue

    Wanted  470 OEM speaker

    Looking to buy a driver's side front door speaker. Mark Levinson. 2002 or earlier. Thanks
  19. dustinuhls

    Finally Made Some "Weatherproof" Speaker Enclosures

    I got a Tuffy console with the radio slot for my 40 about 3 years ago because I didn't want to cut up my dash to mount a modern single DIN stereo, and since I run with the top off all summer I didn't want it to get wet or stolen. I got a new stereo about 2 years ago for Christmas, but never...
  20. abuck99

    Front Speaker Replacement Question- RTH

    Bought a set of JBL GT608C 2ohm mid-woofer & tweeter combo; comes with component cross over. How much is speaker performance hindered if I don"t utilize the included cross over? Goal was to keep it quick & simple to just replace the blown woofer, use existing wiring, factory tweeter etc..
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