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  1. AirheadNut

    SOLD  NW MT: 1990 Hilux Double Cab, LN106

    1990 LN106 Hilux with 115,545km or 71,869mi on the clock. This truck was imported from Canada last year and is legally registered in Montana with a clean title in my name. Some quick specs: - 3L 2.8 liter NA diesel - 5-speed manual - Solid front axle - Double cab Recent maintenance (within the...
  2. SteveH

    Builds  Build: Steve's 82 Longbed

    I bought this from the original owner last weekend. I have all receipts from the last 37 years. I knew of this truck 25 years ago (worked with the guy) and it has sat since 2012 un-driven, mostly stored indoors. Was repainted a different color years ago - started life as metallic gray. Now, it's...
  3. Mojo97

    Solid axle advice

    Hey Y’all, I’m new to this forum as well as solid axles. I’ve never worked on a solid axle, but I’m also tired of dealing with IFS issues. I am currently looking at a 01 Tacoma that has been SAS already. It’s a Trail Gear housing, with birfield axles. He also has 5.29 Yukon gears in it, while...
  4. N

    For Sale  2000 Tacoma **BUILT**

    Looking at selling my Tacoma. It is a great truck and runs like a champ. It does full power brake burn outs with the rear locker on no problem. It runs very strong! It has been all solid axle swapped with a Toyota front axle. It rides really good and smooth unlike some swapped rigs. 70mph down...
  5. yotadude520

    Solid 85 Survivor on CL

    Found this Toyota for sale on craigslist, and it looks like a super solid survivor. Being a 1985, 22RE, bucket seats and a single cab in this kind of shape makes it pure eye candy and pretty rare. Just figured I'd share it with everyone since you don't see these popping up for sale too often...
  6. Clinster

    For Sale  1983 4x4 Short Bed (So. Cal)

    Near perfect body on this brick red short bed 83 4x4. No dents that I can remember. Rustic paint. No Rust that I know of. Transmission is out. 20R is in but in unknown condition, I've never seen this truck run. Came out of Arizona and now in Lancaster, CA. Transmission is in the bed. Interior...
  7. Unrealbarracuda

    For Sale  1997 LX450 80 Series Land Cruiser

    This particular 80 series land Cruiser is well maintained and had the same owner for 19 years. It still retains the new car smell, the wood trim is untampered, and the leather seats are plush. Unfortunately there’s no lockers however shifting to 4 low is no issue and smooth. Slight under...
  8. Zackz123

    Front axle problems on my 80 series

    Alright guys my front axle locked up on me yesterday so I got it home and took my wheels off, the shaft coming out of the pumpkin won't move, but I can turn the wheel and the wheel on the other side spins opposite. What do I do and what can it be, it isn't converted to 2 wheel drive it's still...
  9. dubsb

    For Sale  NY mini and 40!AXLES GALORE FREE DELIVERY

    I have the a Following for sale, all axles are complete. Hub to hub we are headed to Moab in a week and could arrange free delivery. Toyota IFS rear armored pumpkin 4.88 e locker 1200$ Disc brakes Toyota Rear IFS 4.56 e locker 1300 chromoly disc brakes Diamond front long field high steer 4.56...
  10. yotadude520

    Wanted  Toyota 79-85 Solid Axle dust shields

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of rebuilding my front axle and was able to buy the whole thing complete except for the dust shields that protect the rotors. I've been searching pretty hard but haven't been able to find any. Any one got a set lying around they'd be willing to sell? Thanks!
  11. mcguirejohnson

    SAS  Solid Axle Summit 2017 Official Thread

    Attention all Toyota solid axle fans, this is your chance to be apart of the inaugural Solid Axle Summit or “SAS”. If you or someone you know has a solid axle Toyota 4WD we'd like to invite you to campout and take in some of the most beautiful trails Colorado has to offer. This will be the 1st...
  12. OptimusPrime

    Will Depreciating 200-Series' Hurt 100-Series' Value?

    I was pondering this the other day - One thing that made the purchase of my 100-Series an easy one (bought it purely as a toy/second vehicle) was the feeling that it would likely never be worth less than the price I paid for it. I'd been looking at 80-Series' prior to buying the 100, but when I...
  13. Hailey Walker

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4Runner (22RE with factory SOLID AXLE)

    The truck is in Laurel, MS, but I drive to Tupelo, MS on some weekends. So anywhere around those areas would be an easy place for someone to come take a look and drive. $7000 (PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE) I'm selling my beautiful 4Runner. This thing is one of a kind. It has the FACTORY SOLID AXLE, a...
  14. bwalker16527

    Fair price for 1980 Landcruiser outer knuckles

    What is fair price for outer knuckles from 1980 Landcruiser? Complete with original Aisin Solid Axle locking hubs. Looking to use these for front brake upgrade on 1974 FJ40. Any info you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks
  15. SimplyTanner


    I just found these, and though I would share. If anyone really needs one, message me.
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