snorkel install

  1. Chefajc3

    Fj60 drivers side snorkel

    FYI ... watched a video on you tube while back about driver side snorkel for fj60... typically you would have to put on passenger side because that’s all they make for the fj60 but you would have to modify or get a different air intake set up for it to work ... $120 shipped from amazon for a...
  2. hoonthatprado

    Toyota OEM snorkel installation - help needed

    hi there, I'm in the process of installing an Toyota OEM snorkel (with the cyclone pre-filter) on my 2008 VDJ200. I have all required parts with me... but no installation scheme to cut the hole in the fender is included. Any advice on how to determine the precise hole location? Does anybody...
  3. newtomelx

    Airtec TJM snorkel

    I have a knock-off of the TJM airtec snorkel. Is there anyone that has installed one on a '97 Landcruiser? If so, is the template accurate? Can you share any tips or tricks? US Air Snorkel System Kit For Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 90-97 Lexus LX450 | eBay FYI.......this is the exact...
  4. LX450inNash

    Snorkel on.....but I have a question..

    ....very fortunate to have a another fellow Mud member help me with installing my snorkel. Looks fabulous, BUT the short intake tube from the snorkel to the air box is kinked, nothing crazy, but obviously with these beauties restrictions need to be at a minimum. With that said, is this common...
  5. Silveredition

    Snorkel install help!

    Gday guys!! A couple of days back I purchased a snorkel of my hj61 from RVTEK for about $74aud. It arrived today and looks great - however the template only has 3 hole markings on it which appear to be for the 3 mounting bolts, and the position for the 95mm hole is missing.... It would be...
  6. SHREDwagon

    70 Series Snorkel On a 40/45?

    Has anyone installed a right-side 70 series snorkel on a 40 or 45? Found a good deal on one, but worried the windshield angle may be completely different.
  7. btbowie

    Permanent power antenna removal before snorkel install and related inquiry/info.

    I’ll try and keep this short and sweet. I searched and found some great threads but couldn’t find anything quite specific to these few questions. I started some work this weekend in preparation for a snorkel install as well as continuing my cargo area work. 1. My antenna motor was shot, no...
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