1. DougAustinTx

    Split Fan Shroud _Easy belt access without removing the whole fan shroud

    I got tired of removing everything to get to the belts on my 40, so I split the shroud. This fix means you only remove 4 original bolts and it comes off, leaving the bottom half still firmly attached. You DO still have to disconnect the upper radiator hose from the radiator. If you look...
  2. offroadvegan

    Aftermarket shroud?

    Hey all! Engine is off to the rebuilders. I ended up using Japanese Pacific Engines here in Gresham, Oregon. Final quote came in at $1800-$2500 for the rebuild, and $1000 for reinstall if I want them to do it (which I am leaning towards). Pulling that engine was a bear and would be nice to...
  3. F

    FJ60 fan clutch installation

    What is the best way to bolt the cooling fan/clutch assembly back onto the water pump pulley ? I had removed the radiator, fan & shroud, all the belts and coolant hoses in an effort to clean and tighten up some things on the front of my 2F engine. I had put all the belts on (alt/PS, AC...
  4. nnnnnate

    LX License Plate Shroud Rattles

    I'm not sure what this part is called but the license plate bolts to it then it is attached to the drop gate. The reverse lights are also attached to it. Mine has broken connectors and is a rattle trap. I put some small felt pads in the gaps to keep the racket down but I'd like to know what...
  5. 65FJ45

    For Sale 55 Glass - shroud - radiator - more

    74 tailgate glass 74 rear cargo glass 74 radiator 74 shroud 74 headlight bezels (if i can find them) 74 blower motor (possibly) 74 Wiring Harness (if i can find it) various spedometers various instrument clusters for any F motor aftermarket a/c compressor mount - well made ASIAN FAST FOOD...
  6. rkymtnflyfisher

    Wanted Fan shroud for 74 FJ40

    Looking for a solid shroud for my 40, something that is not rusted out. Thanks.
  7. B

    Wanted FJ62 radiator shroud

    I need a radiator shroud for my 1988 FJ62. I live in Austin. Thanks
  8. 3

    For Sale rare? 79 radiator and shroud.....MT

    as near as I can figure out this is a 79 radiator. includes shroud. not perfect, 6 of the tubes are cut and sealed off tanks are both good. $250 plus shipping or offer
  9. S

    For Sale FJ40 Fan Shroud 1976 1977 1978

    Rust free and dent free.$80 plus shipping. Item located in South East Texas
  10. J

    For Sale '82 Radiator and shroud

    No leaks and good condition. Shroud and support bracket included $150 OBO
  11. 73tlcv8

    For Sale FJ40 Radiator, support and shroud in NC

    Complete radiator setup $300 plus shipping. This is a CSF radiator. These were in my 10/72 FJ40, I installed the wider AC radiator so no longer need these
  12. T

    Wanted FJ55 radiator and fan shroud

    Looking for a radiator and fan shroud for a 1975 fj55. If you have those items and want to part with them please let me know. Also I am located in central Ca and will pay for shipping. Thanks Noel
  13. carreta

    Wanted 1984 Fan Shroud

    Need a fan shroud for a 1984 fj40. NON USA
  14. A

    Wanted FJ80 Fan Shroud

    Found one on eBay, just wanted to check here before pulling the trigger. Let me know if you have one and what you want shipped to 60585. Thanks!
  15. cult45

    Clutch Fan Re-grease Write Up

    Found this while researching. Bookmark it! Tuning and Understanding your Toyota Viscous Fan Clutch
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