FJ60 fan clutch installation

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May 8, 2011
What is the best way to bolt the cooling fan/clutch assembly back onto the water pump pulley ?

I had removed the radiator, fan & shroud, all the belts and coolant hoses in an effort to clean and tighten up some things on the front of my 2F engine.

I had put all the belts on (alt/PS, AC, wp/smog) and tightened the belts to spec first before putting the rad/shroud/fan back on. I held the water pump pulley in place with the nuts that will eventually hold the fan to the water pump.

I put the rad back in, then the fan and shroud together as one piece. I removed the nuts that helt the water pump pulley in place with the belt on it. The pulley immediately became "crooked" sitting on the water pump, but was still on it. I tried to put the fan clutch spindle on the water pump studs but couldn't see how to get he 12mm 8x1.25 nuts on. There is hardly any "hand clearance" in there.

What are some tips or tricks to get this done ? Can I expect to eventually tighten the fan clutch belts such that it will "push back" the water pump pulley into place ?
If I understand your description correctly, the belts need to be slack, and the split shroud modification helps give access.

From the FAQs
Timesaver mod to fan shroud
If reinstalling, leave the belt off the pulley, add that last. You can do so with everything in place. Mount the clutch/fan combo and spin the nuts on and verify it sits flush with pulley/waterpump. Keep spinning the nuts down so there is no play. Reinstall belt around the fan and begin to tension. I lightly tension the belt and tighten the nuts for the fan clutch using the tension to keep the pulley/fan from spinning.

There is a little finesse involved, but very easy on these motors.

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