1. L

    Anyone else experiencing window play/movement issues on automatic windows?

    Hi all, new 2018 Land Cruiser owner here. I just took the cruiser to my local Toyota Service Center to look at the driver side rear automatic window which moves slightly by hand when the window is rolled up. The service techs said that there is no problem and that slight play is normal...
  2. Safariguy

    Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement Help

    Hi all, I am planning on replacing the rear wheel bearings on my 1998 Lx470 with 240k miles. Does anyone have a link to a service manual or write up anywhere? I have yet to come across a good video or guide on how to do this. I also need to know if I have all the bearings, parts, and seals I...
  3. MrMikeyG

    For Sale 1995 FSM single volume black/greern cover---SOLD---

    Hello. Just as the title states; I have a factory service manual for the 1995 Land Cruiser for sale. It is the single volume publication number RM432U it is in decent shape, very minimal greasy finger marks on page edges, no rips/tears, no missing pages, not all marked up inside, and not...
  4. DirtNap

    Maintenance Schedule Table - 200 series

    Hey all, Last week I put together the attached spreadsheet to help me take a look at the service recommendations in one place. I just copied all of the service & "inspect" text from an online copy of the manual, then did some formatting to make it easier (for me at least) to see it visually. The...
  5. KonTiki

    Wanted 3FE FJ62 A/C compressor service port (AL/US)

    Im looking for just the service ports off the AC compressor, this style. The part held in the hand in the first pic. Second pic shows it mounted to the compressor. I dont need the entire compressor.
  6. incudie

    Service Shop in Los Angeles region?

    So after doing the timing belt/pulleys/front axle rebuild/etc/etc myself, next up is the steering rack (oil drips, steering is questionable and I've got about 223k on the current rack). Turns out, I'm not too interested in doing that job myself (lifting the engine sounds... terrible). Does...
  7. sigorama

    Original Toyota Service Tech Uniforms

    I have a bunch of Toyota service tech uniforms. These belonged to Safari Limited and have their patch on them. You could remove the patch and add your own logo/emblem to them. $48 each including shipping in the lower 48. Have maybe 12 of them. Most of them are XL. Long sleeve and short sleeve...
  8. 60wgnadvntrs

    Parts and Service Advice

    I live in Boise Idaho, and I am getting ready to give my 88' FJ62 w/ 213k miles some tender loving care -front axle rebuild, shocks, brakes -transmission fluid change and a new filter (shifts rough into 2, sometimes takes forever to shift into 3rd) -checking out a leak from the transfer case as...
  9. SoCalCrewser

    FJZ80 Factory Service Manual Reprint

    Just wanted to start off by thanking all of the amazing members for their posts and guidance for the 80 series. I have an LX450 and have heavily relied on the detailed info found here to keep it running in great shape. The quantity and quality of information has saved me so much time and money...
  10. D

    How many miles is too many/checking service history?

    Currently own a '97, looking for a 100 series (prefer Toyota). I have found several 2003-05 models with mileage between 120,000 - 160,000. I know maintenance wise timing belt/water pump is at the top. 2 questions: 1. How many miles are too many if you know the history? 2. Found a 2005...
  11. jp_waltz

    RTH stuck on Miller Jeep trail

    hey y'all. I hit a bad corner on Miller Jeep and I'm on my side and having a rough time pulling it over. Anybody in or near Frazier park feel like lending a hand? My buddies jeep is now 2 wheel drive due to trying to pull me over. Part of the problem is that there's no real wench point and...
  12. P

    New to Forum, sourcing for a A/C Service Valve. 88 FJ62

    Im sourcing for a A/c Compressor service Valve for a 1988 Fj62. Ive tried all the traditional ways, and Toyota says theyre discontinued, no longer making them. I need the part that is inside the box that is the diaphragm. Hopefully i can have some of you FJers lead me to a source, or possible...
  13. zambo

    For Sale 1998 100 Factory Service Manuals Vol 1&2

    Sold the 100 a few years ago and still have the fsm's. Both are in good used condition but show shelf wear and some grease smudges on the outside pages... $100 shipped for both
  14. AppleTech

    2006 Transmission Fluid Service

    My 2006 (140k mi) is due for transmission fluid service by my count. I believe it was done previously based on the notes from PO but I don't know what type of fluid (I doubt it was the correct type). I want to flush the system and put in the proper Toyota WS stuff. Couple questions since there...
  15. NLScooby

    Quick Service Guide for 200 Series (pdf included)

    I came across this handy quick service guide for our 200 series and thought I would post it here. It's a pretty handy diagram (in picture format - so make sure you are looking at the right thing and your model!) featuring capacities and torque specs for common service items. Enjoy!
  16. T

    Lexus Service History - Online Data Changes

    It looks like Lexus may be limiting the info we've been able to get on vehicles being considered for purchase. I know on the LX-570 I own I can no longer see the service history prior to ownership. When I queried Lexus they said they now only show current owner history, due to 'privacy issues'...
  17. S

    Nice service vehicles

    Spend some time in Morocco last two weeks; primarily Marrakech and Essaouria. Lots of Prado TDs and quite a few full size LCs also. Cops are outfitted well. Curious; anyone have a general $ on the Prado TD (Africa pricing)?
  18. T

    Looking to purchase an 06' with 250k miles and perfect service records

    I found a 2006 with perfect service records that has 250k+ miles on it. I'm going to check it out again today. The interior is pretty beat up but the exterior is nice. I was planning on purchasing the vehicle and fully replacing the interior leather seats, arm rests, etc... as well as replace...
  19. bumpersignal

    Lexus service history webpage doesn't recognize LX vins?

    I tried to register the vehicle on Lexus website's service history app on their website, however when it asks me to enter VIN # for my 98 LX470 it says not a valid VIN for Lexus. Same thing happens on the Toyota Service History app. Has anyone figured out how to register their vehicle for...
  20. torpedo51

    FJ62: have engine codes, need service procedures

    Hi, Looks like the FJ62 I just bought is turning out to be the sour lemon that I was hoping to avoid. In addition to a non-op AC, non-op power windows and locks, dripping diff & transfer case, I now have a check engine light with these codes. You may remember this quote from Apollo 13, "Is...
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