1. K

    SOLD  1972 FJ40 Hardtop in Arizona - Now in Charlotte, NC

    Hello all, I'm posting our FJ40 up for sale since we're relocating across the country. It has a SBC 350/ SM465 conversion from the previous owner. It was well done and runs very well. We take it out on the weekends and for date nights regularly. It's titled as a historical vehicle here in...
  2. houstonfj40

    SBC Kick down cable help, th350

    Reinstalling a sbc and the kick down cable went missing. Tried two so far, anyone have a part number or idea on length needed. Going to TH350. Late 70’s sbc. Thanks in advance, Marc
  3. P

    For Sale  1968 fj55 land cruiser

    1968 land cruiser runs great 305 sbc with lots of new parts, disk brakes all 4 corners, Saginaw power steering, runs great with clean title and current registration needs upholstery and some body work it has the rear seat heater, original manual and tools. $8750
  4. houstonfj40

    Wanted  Sbc conversion fan shroud FJ40

    Looking for a fan shroud, sbc conversion, FJ40. Something like the BTB shroud, they keep saying they will make again but I have been waiting a couple months next option is to get one fabed. Thanks. Marc
  5. D

    For Sale  1976 fj40

    The time has come for me to part with my beloved 1976 Toyota fj40. I have driven it rarely, and never off road, despite its capabilities. It is a rare rust free specimen! Attention has been paid to every detail. Restoration has been thorough and many updates made to make it a pleasure to drive...
  6. G

    For Sale  700R4 with FJ60 Split Case

    I have a GM 700R4 mated to a FJ60 split Transfer case. The AA adapter was used and the unit is ready to drop into your build. This setup was behind a SBC in a FJ62. The Tcase shifter has been modified to fit through the factory shift console and has a crossmember as well. I was going to use...
  7. houstonfj40

    SBC Throttle cable ideas -FITech

    loiking for ideas in throttle cable on my SBC with FITech. Love the set up but the routing for cable is not optimal and she is getting a bit sticky off idle. Really noticed at 'crawl last weekend. I can pull her and soak it, or put a new cable in. What are you others using? Marc
  8. PadreCruiser

    Another SBC TBI Problem Thread

    First of all, let me apologize because I am not a mechanic and I have a lot of information to convey so I hope it makes sense. Problem: My car is a 1968 FJ40 with a Chevy 350 TBI swap. It starts and runs but it overheats and once it is warm (not overheated) it backfires through the intake...
  9. left bank

    left bank

    Opps, bolo'ed the center exhaust gasket. d
  10. F

    Best cheapo V8 to use?

    This topic is beaten to death, but I figured why not throw you guys another thread! :D I bought an 84 FJ60 as my first car a few months ago for a good price, and as the de-smogged engine is not legal in California I plan to throw a diesel in it. In the mean time through, I'm thinking about...
  11. Strait Cruisin

    Square vs. round motor mounts with a SBC

    I think I finally figured out I reused the stock motor mounts when I converted it to a SBC. (Thanks who ever posted a picture of the stock mounts). For some reason, I can't remember what I used back then. Anyway, I see the updated stock mount is square. Are there any issues with it as a...
  12. Elfman

    SBC cooling...again?

    Hello all, stuffing a NV4500 in with the SBC. Looking to move the drivetrain as far forward as possible in order to keep drive shaft shaft length reasonable. If i switch to a electric cooling fan can this give me more room up front? Looking at volvo option. If make the jump to electric can I...
  13. Tim71FJ40

    Cooling a SBC Conversion

    I'm almost ready to start my 350 with automatic transmission with air conditioner in my 1971 FJ40 Do I need to do anything to make sure it runs cool
  14. K

    craigslist  73 FJ40 w/ SBC in Los Angeles - $5000

    Not mine. I replied to the ad. Ron is the owners name and he has owned it for 20 years and it was his older brother before that. Not sure how much documentation he has but there is about $600 of DMV back fees. 73 land cruiser fj-40
  15. Jpilot

    Help with SBC emissions

    OK, so I have been struggling with stupid emmisions on my Chevy 350. I have TBI from a 1989 truck. I need to hook up an EGR solenoid. I got the solenoid, got some tubing, but don't have any info on the wiring. I found this wiring to the solenoid, but where does it hook up to???
  16. 1

    FJ40 SBC w/ AA 4spd bellhousing builds?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone knows of any completed builds that swapped in a SBC with the toyota 4spd using the AA bellhousing? I searched with no luck. Reason I ask, I understand that the the transmission/case move forward and shaft lengths change. Just wanting to see if...
  17. R

    Wanted  SBC Conversion engine mounts.

    I'm looking for a set of Engine and transfer case mounts for a small block Chevy conversion. I would prefer all the parts, cross member style mounts and the matching frame mounts, but If you only have the main cross member part of the mounts I would be interested in that, I can make the frame...
  18. Jpilot

    Fixing up my '77

    So I bought this '77 back in June and have started to do some work on it. I am taking some pictures, and I know you all appreciate pictures. So here is where I am going with this project. History: I had 3 landcruisers (fj40s) in the past and when I went into the military back in '97, I sold...
  19. lilevo

    For Sale  1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 SBC 355

    Running and driving 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser. 69xxx on the odometer. No idea if it is actual or 169k I picked it up a few years back in non-running condition from an older guy, car collector and hobbyist. SBC 355 motor that has been recently rebuilt. Brand new clutch, flywheel, and throw...
  20. T

    1970s 40, 350/TH350 on Megasquirt 1 PCB3.0

    Figured I would start a new thread as some may be interested. I personally wouldn't consider this 'hardcore' but I'm guessing some will, and what is difficult for some is easy for others. (Apparently getting a quadrajet to run right isn't so easy for me). The vehicle - 71 frame/tub, long term...
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