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  1. MonsterCruiser

    Lower Mainland Rust Repair?

    I have a few places rust is starting to show up on my 80 series. The usual spots...Bottom of the doors, rear window, bottom of rear rocker. Can anyone recommend a shop in the Lower Mainland that could potentially take on repair of the rust? Fraser Valley area preferred, but just looking for...
  2. ohchaucer

    Wanted CT - 2000 with 220K miles - RUST ADVICE?

    Hi, all. I'm cross posting this because I asked in the 100 forum for advice on a potential purchase here in CT. But I also wanted to put out there that I'm looking for a 100-series to be the more around-town sidekick to my '86 FJ60. If anyone can advise on the rust issue of the one I refer to...
  3. B

    Does anyone believe this rust is worth repairing?

    Hey all, I just recently got a 1996 lx450 to turn into an overland project, not sure if this is the right place to post something like this since I’m new to forums so I apologize if it’s out of place, the model I picked up does have a couple rust holes near the windshield, and I’d really hate to...
  4. B

    80 series rust questions

    Apologies if I'm posting on the wrong page; I'm new here, but hoping to get advice on fixing rust and at what point it becomes a problem not worth fixing. Now I'll admit I did a stupid thing--I bought the truck from people in Illinois without getting pics of the frame/powertrain. 150,000 mi w/...
  5. GX412

    Rusty Rig

    Hi All: Former FJ-62 owner. Considering purchasing a '95. Here are some pics of the underbody. Is this amount of rust concerning? Thanks in advance.
  6. Chachi254

    Looking for replacement truck bed sides for 1983 Toyota Pickup Long Box

    Hey Mudders, I bought a 1983 Toyota Pickup long box this last summer, and while the bed is in pretty good shape, it's starting to rust and I want to get it fixed/replaced. I've been looking online and there are a few aftermarket bed sides around, but none of which are long-bed length. Does...
  7. starclassic

    Help assessing '00 Land Cruiser w/ 216k miles

    Okay friends. I just sold my awesome rust-free '97 4Runner and am in the market for a 100 series for my family (wife, 3 young kids). I live in Chicago and am pursuing leads out west. I'll be out of state on this one, so I'd love some help/insight on how to avoid wasting time. Found a 2000 Land...
  8. Slashzero

    Tailgate Rust... How should I deal with it?

    So, I bought a 2003 LC last week. 196,600 miles on it. It spent most of its life in Vermont (1st owner), then 3 - 4 years in Illinois (2nd owner), and finally is now mine. The last owner had receipts showing the belt etc was replaced at 140k. The service records on shows it...
  9. HDJdreams

    What’s your favorite rattle can?

    What’s your favorite spray paint for the drivetrain and chassis? I am not looking for showroom pretty, just a solid color and a rust barrier. I used Rustoleum self etching primer and enamel on my rear hubs. I am hoping it will hold up. What have worked long term for you?
  10. CaptClose

    Oh nooooo..... RUST!

    I was washing my cruiser off a while back and came across this bubble on the bottom of the passenger rear quarter panel. I know it doesn’t look like much compared to most cruisers out in the wild, but I thought I was clean. After consulting with my Land Cruiser support group @OSS @CenTXFJ60...
  11. theamigo

    FJ55 Newbie trying to understand the spectrum of rust available for purchase.

    Hi Everyone, I've got a wanted ad in the classifieds looking for an FJ55. Been at it for a month or two now. I've seen many types of rust in various places, but would like your feedback on what awaits me. These photos are from a single example. Your responses will help me understand what's...
  12. oldschool4wheeling

    Builds 1979 FJ40 Old School Overhaul

    Hello everyone, here is my story and my 40's story. I saw my first FJ40 in 2012, and absolutely fell in LOVE with it. I know, I know where had I been, living under a rock some where?? Well needless to say after a relentless search I found my baby. An unmolested well slightly molested 1979...
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